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Hear from other successful accommodation businesses around the world!

Grove City Motel

“A typical day would start out with me opening up the office. Doing whatever paperwork and processing required and then working on the pool and grounds. My wife is in charge of rooms and laundry. Of course we work together depending on the needs for the day.”
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Dene Guesthouse

“In the beginning I printed all the reservations, to at least hold something physically in my hand. But in less than a month, I started to print less, and eventually ditched the pencil and book altogether. Now, I could not do without Little Hotelier.”
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Sumatra Surf Camp

“We were up and running in no time at all. The process was quite simple and the support team guided me through every step of the process. I looked at other software providers and found Little Hotelier was the easiest to use.”
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Plymouth House

“I love the customer service. When you find a company like Little Hotelier, you feel safe.”
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Sunlover Retreat

“Little Hotelier is an easy to use and efficient booking system. It’s easy to set up and it’s very intuitive – I’m in it all the time!”
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Noosa Valley Manor

“Little Hotelier is efficient, it’s real-time, and it shows me what I need to know about reservations so I can look at the coming week and be totally prepared.” View Case Study

Greenmantle Estate

“Little Hotelier has been very helpful – we’ve avoided headaches and overbookings because guests can see directly what’s available. It’s certainly cost-justified all the way – it pays for itself easily just by having the channel management functionality.” View Case Study

El Hotel Rural Mar de Queo

“I looked at other options, but none were suited to the needs of a small rural hotel like mine. Little Hotelier was what I needed – a program to manage reservations, day-to-day operations, and make basic reports. Gradually, my reservations are increasing and my hotel is getting more visibility online.” View Case Study

Bay Breeze Motel

“Little Hotelier has taken our business to the next level. Our bookings have increased quite significantly – maybe 20% – and we are currently running at high occupancy (approximately 90%) all year.”
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The Mercantile Hotel

“Since using the Little Hotelier system, we’ve actually seen a 60-70% increase in bookings! It’s allowed us to unlock this huge revenue opportunity with accommodation that we didn’t know was possible.”
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Chimes Spa Retreat

“It ticked all the right boxes… It’s fantastic having all our bookings automated. Also, the fact the front desk system and channel manager work together is brilliant! We don’t have to do anything.”
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Paradise Motel

“It ticked all the right boxes… It’s fantastic having all our bookings automated. Also, the fact the front desk system and channel manager work together is brilliant! We don’t have to do anything.”

Briars Cottage Holiday Rental

“We don’t have to worry about updating reservations from our OTAs manually. Little Hotelier talks to all our Channels. Little Hotelier is my booking engine but also my single source of truth. I couldn’t function without it.” View Case Study

Woodman Inn

“I needed a system that could connect to external channels and make it easy for guests to find and book Woodman Inn. Little Hotelier was much simpler to use compared to other systems and most importantly, not as costly!” View Case Study

Premier Hospitality Asia

“Before we worked with LittleHotelier, we experienced many issues, including; overbookings, price disparity and difficulty managing the rates and inventory of multiple properties. We can’t say thank you enough for the innovation and latest hotel solutions which are always updated and help us solve our problems. Our online bookings have increased significantly since using Little Hotelier. The support team and market manager are always ready and available to assist us. We love working with you.”

The Little Italy of Niagara Falls

“I came across a few front desk operation systems, and we looked at pricing, features, and customer service. Little Hotelier caught my eye because it absolutely caters to small hotels and bed and breakfasts. The others were built for much larger hotels.” View Case Study

Prairie Guest House

“Managing our online inventory is much easier. Instead of checking on every reservation, I trust that it’s taken care of because it’s automated. It’s wonderful and it feels like it’s almost too good to be true!”
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The Falcon at Hatton

“Since us switching on Little Hotelier, our hotel has gone from zero to hero, achieving well over 80% occupancy, and we are not in the summer yet. Little Hotelier is so big for so little. It’s absolutely invaluable to any independent hotel operator.” View Case Study

Bath Guest House Association

“When Little Hotelier launched it was a massive benefit for members because it meant their properties were now directly bookable via our website. It also had that extra property management system module that other systems were missing.”
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Villa Orchard

“Little Hotelier offers an ideal solution for the automation of channel management and direct website bookings, allowing us to get the priorities right and focus on what really counts. Stressful overbookings have become a thing of the past, and our occupancy rates are constantly above 90%. In addition, the reduction of our monthly commissions to OTAs is a nice side effect that basically pays for the LH subscription fee.” View Case Study

Boreale Ranch

“The biggest way Little Hotelier has helped is by saving us time and stress – and when you own a small business, there’s never enough time. Now, everyone is on the same page because we’re all using the one system. Compared to how we used to manage our online inventory, it’s like night and day! I love it.”
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Bell In The Woods

“We have seen a 40% increase in bookings since using Little Hotelier. We wanted a ‘one-stop-shop’, a system that seamlessly integrated reservations, channel management, reporting, payment, and front desk functionality. With a great price. No commision. And simple to use. With a guest platform that had a modern look. With strong and responsive support. Quite frankly, we thought we might be asking too much until we found Little Hotelier.”
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Point Villas

“I have definitely saved money using Little Hotelier, because our past reservation system was commission based. Little Hotelier has given us more reservations, saved us time, and helped to raised awareness of our brand.”
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The Otter Lodge

“Little Hotelier is an easy to use reservation system for small hotels that allows them to take advantage of the important internet travel planner without requiring too much setup or up front costs to get started.” View Case Study

Avocado SunSet B&B

“We are delighted with Little Hotelier, for us it was the final piece in the puzzle to having a fully integrated front desk and online booking system for our B&B. It brought together email/phone bookings, web booking engine and third party booking sites under the one recorded system. We now have all our guests’ bookings in one simple to use online management tool, giving us much better sales and information data so we can better analyse our business.”

Cranleigh, Bath

“We had been looking for a property management system for some time, but found that most systems were aimed at large hotels with big features that a smaller place like ours would never use (not too mention the big price tag!)Little Hotelier was just what we were looking for. In fact it could have been written just for us.It has helped us streamline the way we manage our bookings. We love the online calendar, but I must admit we were nervous at ditching our old paper diary straight away. However, it didn’t take us long to feel confident that the system was doing its job better than us and now it’s a joy of have all the bookings immediately drop into the appropriate room – its stress-less and error free!The Little Hotelier support is invaluable and the continual development of new features for the system lets us know that they are listening to what the smaller hotels and B&B’s really need.”

Cocos Castaway

“Swapping to Little Hotelier has streamlined my time in how I manage my reservations. Approximately 70% of my bookings come through my own website or via online channels, Little Hotelier enters these bookings directly into an easy to use reservations calendar. Little Hotelier saves me time as I no longer have to manually enter these bookings into my current booking system. As soon as I have entered a booking into the system it updates the reservations calendar to all online channels – making it easy to keep track of my reservations and preventing the possibility of a duplicate booking.Little Hotelier is great for my small remote property. Although we don’t have the fastest internet speeds, Little Hotelier works well and has proved to be stable and reliable. It’s brought my property into the 21st century. “

Heritage Trail Lodge

“Little Hotelier has simplified and streamlined our booking process and brought us into the 21st Century. Like magic the online bookings appear immediately in the calendar and guest details are just a click away. Gone is the need for huge amounts of paperwork with the guest database stored securely online. Inventory seems to manage itself and the risk of double bookings is all but gone.So much better than the paper, pencil and eraser method of reservation management.”

Loaring Place B&B

“Little Hotelier is practically three systems in one and is very affordable. It can be easily integrated with your booking engine on your own website and entering phone or walk-in bookings directly into your computer is a dream. Being able to change bookings to another room or to other nights using a drag and drop system is very logical and easy. The system shows at a glance what is happening each day and reduces time and paperwork in managing bookings, leaving more time for other tasks. I highly recommend Little Hotelier and the support from the company is excellent.”

Marcel Towers Holiday Apartments

“We have found Little Hotelier fabulous! We had contemplated putting in a booking system for some time, but feared it may be too complicated for our various staff and casual managers. Little Hotelier has answered all our concerns and has proved to be a true asset to our business.”

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