The advantages of hotel property management software

Using software to manage your property, rather than manual methods like pen and paper or spreadsheets means you will:

Complete your daily tasks quicker and easier

Have more freedom and flexibility throughout your day

Gain more control, get better insights, and improve the performance of your business

Deliver an even better guest experience and improve your reputation

Must-have hotel management software features

If you use an all-in-one software solution to manage your hotel, you’ll be able to access a range of features and functionality such as:

A front desk system to manage your reservations, guest details, calendar, and more
A channel manager to increase your reach online and boost bookings
A booking engine to ensure you can take direct bookings from your website
Reporting and insights to make strategising more effective
A mobile app to manage operations remotely at anytime

Little Hotelier offers all this and more depending on what plan you choose. Try it free for 30 days.

How to choose the best web based hotel management software

The best software providers understand the needs of a small hotel. This means the software will be:

Equipped with everything you need

Your software should have everything ‘all-in-one’ so you can manage your hotel effortlessly from one single interface.

Easy-to-use and quick to master

You should be able to get started yourself and hit the ground running with your new software, to ensure as little disruption to your business as possible.

Fully supportive

24/7 support is crucial for hotel businesses if any issues arise so make sure your provider has this covered.


If your solution isn’t living up to expectations, you should be free to cancel your subscription at any-time with no lock-in contract.


Your hotel management software should provide real, meaningful cost savings for your business. An all-in-one system that streamlines every aspect of your operations – from reservations to bookings to inventory management – is crucial.


Your hotel management software should help you stay ahead of the competition, with rapid repricing capabilities to capitalise on new opportunities and maintain booking volumes. Look for a system that allows you to easily set and adjust room rates based on market demand, competitor pricing, and other factors in real time.

How to get started with online hotel management software

Seek out top hotel management software providers

If you’re going to make an investment into new software, you want to be sure you’re getting one of the best solutions. Check review sites like HotelTechReport to get an idea of your available options.

Make comparisons with a hotel management software list

Once you know who the industry leaders are, put together a list so you can easily compare potential providers. This will make it easier to make your final decision.

Check if there is free hotel management software

Good providers will offer a free trial of their software, so you can enjoy the benefits of the platform while determining if it’s the right fit for your business.

Check if there is a hotel management software demo online

A demo is another great way to understand how the software works and if it will be suited to your property’s goals. The best providers have no problem offering a free demo online.

Check the hotel management software price

Often, there won’t be a flat price. Instead pricing will depend on the makeup of your property and the features that you need. Ensure you do some exploring and check the pricing plans of the providers you are considering.

Check if the provider has a hotel management software app

A mobile app that you can download is a game changer. It will let you use the software and manage your property from anywhere, anytime. No need to be tied to your front desk.

Why choose Little Hotelier as your hotel management software solution?

Trusted by more small properties than any other global provider.

Connected to 450+ booking channels.

Backed by SiteMinder’s powerful technology – processing over 100 million reservations each year.

Designed with small properties in mind, prioritising ease of use and putting you back in control.

Frequently asked questions about hotel management software

What is hotel management software?

Hotel management software is a cutting-edge, cloud-based solution that empowers small hoteliers to manage their property more effectively and achieve greater success. This innovative technology allows hoteliers to take their business online, modernising their operations and embracing the latest industry trends, including:

  • Single source of truth: Consolidate reservations, payments, housekeeping management, and rate setting on a single, integrated platform.
  • Guest personalisation: Enhance guest experiences through tailored services and offers and secure repeat bookings.
  • Contactless technology: Incorporate mobile check-ins/check-outs, on-the-go hotel management, and mobile payments.
  • Revenue management: Use analytics for dynamic pricing strategies and data-driven decisions for a faster, more profitable business.
  • Omnichannel communication: Connect with guests through multiple channels for seamless customer service.

Hotel management software has become an essential component within the hotel industry, transforming the way hoteliers operate their businesses, manage resources, and interact with guests. As the hospitality industry evolves and becomes more competitive, the importance of adopting efficient and comprehensive management solutions has grown significantly. Hotel management software plays a crucial role in helping hotels adapt to these changes and stay ahead of the curve.

What does hotel management software do?

Hotel management software enables hoteliers to automate and simplify many daily tasks, such as:

  • Reservation management: Our software allows you to accept, track, and manage bookings from various channels, such as online travel agencies, hotel websites, and direct phone reservations, all in one centralised system.
  • Rate and inventory management: Hotel management software helps you set room rates, manage room inventory, and implement yield management strategies to maximise revenue.
  • Front desk operations: The software simplifies tasks like guest check-ins and check-outs, room allocation, and guest request management.
  • Payment processing: Hotel management software enables you to securely process guest payments, generate invoices, and manage billing and accounting tasks.
  • Guest communication: Hotel management software can facilitate pre-arrival, in-house, and post-departure communications with guests via email, SMS, or other messaging platforms.
  • Reporting and analytics: The software provides hoteliers with valuable insights into your business performance through data-driven reports and analytics. Little Hotelier software even provides up-to-date information on competitor pricing, allowing you to adjust your rates accordingly to secure more bookings.
  • Integration with other systems: Hotel management software integrates with other platforms, such as point-of-sale systems, channel managers, and customer relationship management tools.
  • Online presence: Little Hotelier software boasts a packaged website builder, allowing you to quickly set up an attractive, customised, conversion-focused website in as little as an hour.

Hotel management software works tirelessly to make your property management as efficient as possible, while also helping you strategise and generate extra revenue.

What are the benefits of using hotel software for my small hotel?

Using hotel software for your small hotel offers many benefits that make running your hotel easier and improve your business:

  • Simple management: Hotel software puts all your important tasks in one place, making it simpler to organise and run your hotel.
  • Save time: By automating tasks like bookings and guest communication, hotel software lets your staff focus on giving great service.
  • More online exposure: Connecting with online travel agencies helps your hotel reach more people, increasing bookings and income.
  • Better guest experiences: Hotel software helps you personalise services and communicate better with guests, leading to repeat customers and good reviews.
  • Make smart decisions: Hotel software provides data and reports that help you make better choices for pricing, marketing, and operations.
  • Better revenue management: The software helps you set the right prices and manage room availability to generate more revenue.
  • Easy to grow: Hotel software can easily adapt and scale as your hotel grows or changes.

By using hotel software, you can simplify your hotel’s operations, make your guests happy, and improve your overall business.

Which software should I choose to manage my hotel?

Choosing a provider like Little Hotelier means you are selecting a solution that not only understands the unique needs of small hotels but also boasts a proven track record of delivering success alongside simplicity. Little Hotelier’s hotel management software is designed for small hotels but harnesses big capabilities to propel your business forward. With more than 10 years of operation, cutting edge SiteMinder technology, and proven results from more than 36,000 businesses like yours, Little Hotelier’s award-winning software is the top choice for small hoteliers who want to spend more time growing their business – and less time managing it. By choosing Little Hotelier, you can trust in the knowledge that you’re backed by a reliable and experienced team, committed to helping you excel in the hospitality industry.

How much does hotel management software cost and can I try it for free?

Little Hotelier offers a range of different software packages, perfect for the unique needs of you and your business. Find out more about the pricing—or, access a free 30-day trial and get started with hotel software right now.