Local guide email.

The local guide hotel template is perfect to use for guests who are travelling to the area for the first time and need some of your home-grown knowledge. Use the template to provide guests with suggestions of places to visit, restaurants to book, and sights they shouldn’t miss out on.

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Pre-arrival email.

The pre-arrival email template is a must to use when communicating with guests who are preparing for their stay with you. Get them ready for a great experience by providing them with all the must-know details before they arrive.

Arrival reminder email.

The arrival reminder email template is a great one to use when guests need a polite reminder that they have an upcoming stay with your hotel. It will also give them a chance to make any additional requests or for you to offer some upsells.

Post-stay email check in.

The post-stay email template is a way for your hotel to keep the relationship with your guests going strong. Just because their stay is over, it doesn’t mean the communication has to end. Touch-base with them and invite them back for another stay with a special offer.

Hotel invoices.

Being able to easily and accurately send out hotel invoices is a crucial part of your relationship with guests. Our hotel invoice template will help you keep things simple and consistent so everyone stays happy.

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Frequently asked questions.

What is a hotel template?

A hotel template is a predetermined guide that can be customised to create new content. Hotels can use templates to create emails, web pages, invoices, menus, directories, and more. A hotel template helps save time and make many processes easier.

What does a hotel email template do?

A hotel email template makes it simple for a hotelier to create effective emails that they can use to communicate with guests. The email template will outline a set format that the hotelier only needs to customise with their own information. It removes the need for the hotelier to start from scratch.

What types of hotel templates are there?

Some of the most popular types of hotel templates include hotel email templates, hotel receipt templates, hotel invoice templates, hotel website templates, hotel reservation template, hotel feedback form template, and many more. There is almost a template for anything you want to create at your hotel.

Are hotel email templates free?

Yes, there are plenty of hotel email templates that you can use for free. Little Hotelier has a selection of free email templates that you can download and use straight away. Simply view the options on the page above.