Frequently asked questions.

What is a local guide email?

A local guide email is an email that hotels can send to guests to improve their experience. The local guide email will detail local attractions in the destination such as restaurants, shopping centres, tourist hotspots, monuments, museums, theme parks, tours, beaches, and more. It helps guests understand what’s available to them and make a choice about what they want to explore.

What should I include in a local guide email?

When crafting a local guide email make sure you are speaking to guests as a seasoned local resident. You need to be an expert on your destination and assume your guests haven’t done a lot of research. As a priority you should include the best nearby restaurants and bars, transport options, shopping locations, the most popular sights to see, and any hidden gems that locals in particular love.

Can I use a hotel template for my local guide email?

Yes, absolutely. There are plenty of hotel templates that allow you to create a local guide email. Little Hotelier has a free email template you can use for this very purpose. Simply download it from this page above.