Channel Manager

Connect to more booking sites, get up to 46% more reservations

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Live Rate and Availability Syncronisation

Update your rates and apply stop-sells at a click of a button. The channel manager will automatically reduce availability when a room is booked on any one of your sales channels.
No Double Bookings

Best of all, you’ll increase occupancy but never risk a disgruntled guest. Say goodbye to double booking your rooms with our pooled inventory model!

More Revenue

Maximise your revenue by selling as many rooms as possible, without any fear of overbooking. Continuously promote all your available rooms on all booking channels – all the time.

Instantaneous Updates

Little Hotelier’s industry leading channel manager instantly syncs your room rates and inventory across all of your distribution sites in real-time.

400+ Booking Channels at no extra cost

Access hard-to-reach markets through the world’s leading booking sites. Whether connecting to, Expedia, TripConnect, Airbnb or 400+ more options, Little Hotelier will manage your bookings in real-time. See all 400+ channels
No Double Data Entry

Say goodbye to manual data entry. Your booking sites are always up to speed.

Play the Web

No extra fees when you connect to one of our integrated booking channels. One simple flat fee gives you access to the Little Hotelier system, and all existing integrations are included in the cost.

Solid Reporting On Which Channels Work

Gain insights, knowledge and easily track and measure which online sales channels are working from Little Hotelier’s handy reporting features.

List your rooms on Airbnb with the first real-time channel manager connection

Little Hotelier is excited to be offering a real-time connection of room rates and availability to Airbnb which is essential for a great guest experience by minimising potential double bookings and forced cancellations.

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Your Channel Manager is just one piece of the puzzle

Modern channel managers integrate with booking engines and front desk systems so that you don’t have the added hassle of using separate systems for each. Find an all-in-one hotel reservation system that is suited to small hotels, like Little Hotelier is.

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