What will bed and breakfast management software solve for you?

Managing your bed and breakfast with software enables you to prioritise the things that you want to do. It makes your daily tasks quicker and easier so you don’t have to worry. Use software to:

Accept and process reservations

Manage guest check-in and check-out

Communicate with guests pre and post-stay

Manage your rates and availability

Process payments, cancellations, and refunds

Access key performance reports

All of this adds up to more time, more freedom, and more control of your business. You get to run a successful B&B – and live life how you want to live it!

Why bed and breakfast reservation software is essential

Today’s guests are booking more of their travel online, and now have higher expectations when it comes to service and accommodation standards.

It’s vital that you are able to provide a seamless and easy experience for guests from the reservation stage all the way through to when they depart your hotel and leave a review. Using software will enable you to:

Move your business online, where all the opportunity is
Automate daily operations so you can spend more time focusing on your guests
Manage everything from one single location
Take manual work out of the equation, so you aren’t tied to your front desk
Boost occupancy and revenue – leading to greater profits

B&B software allows you to do everything faster, making it more convenient to analyse performance and determine important business decisions.

How to choose a bed and breakfast reservation system

To make the most of your investment, look for a bed and breakfast reservation system that:

Is an all-in-one solution

You’ll be best suited by a B&B management system that also includes key features such as a channel manager and booking engine so you can earn more bookings and revenue.

Makes things simple

You should be able to ‘self-start’ and hit the ground running with your chosen software, so there is little disruption to your B&B while you begin using it.

Is fully supported

If any problems or questions do arise, you need support available 24/7, including the option to talk to a human, so any issues you have can be solved as quickly as possible.

Has a proven track record

Look for evidence that the provider you’re considering designs their software with small accommodation businesses in mind so you know they understand your goals.

Provides flexibility

You should never be locked-in to a contract or experience hidden fees. Make sure you’re free to cancel anytime.

Is secure and compliant

Make sure you can stay PCI-DSS and PSD2 SCA compliant to protect your small property from fraud and avoid online risks.

Why choose Little Hotelier as your bed and breakfast management system?

Give an amazing guest experience
Stay connected to your guests throughout their stay, and after they check out with personalised messages, seamless digital check-in, and easy collection of feedback and reviews.

Control your B&B from wherever you are, whenever you need
Our mobile app lets you take Little Hotelier with you. Manage important daily tasks straight from your smartphone or tablet. You can make reservations, check guests in and out, edit availability and take online payments wherever you are, whenever you need.

Manage your cash flow
With Little Hotelier Payments, all your payment information is in one place and you save up to 15 hours every month! You can take secure PCI-DSS payments from any of our booking channels and all your records are stored in one centralised place.

Virtual front desk
This is your command centre where you can see all your bookings from every booking source in one central calendar. You can manage your check-ins, allocate rooms, process payments, organise your housekeeping and get valuable data on how your business is performing all in one centralised front desk system.

Frequently asked questions about bed and breakfast software

What is bed and breakfast software?

Bed and breakfast software is a tool that enables you to manage your property online. It can include many different features such as a front desk system, booking engine, channel manager, payments solution, and more. All of these tools work seamlessly together and are automated, meaning your work becomes easier and you save hours of time each week.

How does bed and breakfast management software work?

Bed and breakfast management software works by centralising all the crucial aspects of your property’s operations. This includes integrating with key features such as a channel manager and booking software. By managing your B&B via online software you can keep everything all in one place and make changes at the click of a button. Any information you need to view or analyse, such as performance reports, is generated automatically and is easily accessible.

What are the benefits of bed and breakfast booking software?

The main benefits of using bed and breakfast software include dramatically simplifying the day-to-day operations of your business. This flows on huge time savings, and the freedom to enjoy your own lifestyle while running your property. You’ll have more chances to run your own errands and also more opportunity to focus on guests and make sure they’re satisfied with their stay. An added benefit is that you have more control over your business, leading to better decisions and greater profits.

What features should a B&B reservation system have?

A B&B reservation system should enable you to easily control all the vital parts of reservation management. You should be able to view all your reservations in one central calendar and make alterations with the click of a button. You should be able to ensure your rates and availability are always accurate and up-to-date in your own systems as well as your connected third-party channels. You should be able to create and edit guest profiles, so you can easily personalise their stay and communicate effectively. And your system should have mobile capabilities, so you can manage your B&Bs reservations from anywhere at any time – run your property your way.

Can you get bed and breakfast management software for free?

Yes, many bed and breakfast providers offer a free trial of their software. In the case of Little Hotelier, you can try the software for free for 30 days, to ensure it’s right for you. There’s no lock-in contract which means you can cancel anytime and it’s risk-free. If you choose to continue with your subscription after the free trial, there are flexible pricing options to suit your property. See how the pricing works.

What are bed and breakfast apps and how do they work?

Bed and breakfast apps are a way to add more value to your business. They are tools that can work with your property and your existing systems to increase upsell opportunities and further enhance guest experience. Examples include advanced guest messaging apps, apps for keyless room entry, apps to optimise the upsell and add-on opportunities, and apps to help you improve your reviews and reputation. Little Hotelier has a hotel app store that you can browse and see which apps could help you.