Want to automate your booking process?

Little Hotelier lets you create or modify reservations with a few clicks, and check guests in & out with our easy drag & drop calendar.

Need to simplify your daily tasks?

Reduce your admin by up to 80% by automating manual tasks like managing rooms, invoices & guest communications.

Looking to reduce double bookings?

Whether connecting to Booking.com, Airbnb or Expedia, Little Hotelier instantly updates your rooms & rates across all channels.

Want more direct bookings?

Seamlessly add a booking engine to your website, and start taking direct bookings from your website or Facebook page.

The world’s most trusted hotel management software

Used by more small, independent properties than any other provider globally.

Backed by SiteMinder technology – processing over 100 million reservations a year.

Ease of use*

4.5 stars


4.5 stars


4.5 stars

Customer Support*

4.5 stars

*Based on Hotel Tech Report reviews

The one solution you need to control your operations & distribution.

We’ve got flexible plans that give you:

One hour setup.

No waiting on calls & days
of onboarding.

One click for 24/7 support.

Never be put on hold again,
message us anytime.

One low price, from $1/day.

No unnecessary features that
bloat your bill.


Manage your property, bookings and guests all in one place

Increase your direct bookings by up to 43% with our booking engine

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How Do Hotel Reservation Systems Work?

Learn about tech

How Do Hotel Reservation Systems Work?
The Basics of Using a Hotel Reservation System at Your B&B

Learn about tech

The Basics of Using a Hotel Reservation System at Your B&B
How to avoid overbooking and double bookings at your hotel

Learn about tech

How to avoid overbooking and double bookings at your hotel

Frequently asked questions

What is hotel reservation software?

Hotel reservation software like Little Hotelier, is cloud-based technology that allows you to manage your hotel reservations, daily tasks, and guests online.

How do hotel reservation systems work?

Much like a Facebook account, you can simply login and access all your hotel bookings, guest information, channel manager, and more all in one place. The system handles all communications between your different features and can update listings on online travel agents in real-time.

Does my property need a hotel reservation system?

A hotel reservation system will help your property reach its potential by saving you time, helping your reduce double bookings, improve your guest communications, and help you increase your bookings.

What are the advantages of a hotel reservation system?

There are many advantages and it can depend on what your business goals are. If you’re looking to simplify tasks, increase your revenue, or improve your guest experience, these are all things a hotel reservation system can help with.

Little Hotelier makes it easy for every small hotel to succeed.

No lock-in contract. Cancel anytime.

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