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When it comes to saving time, keeping it straight forward is the name of the game. So with Little Hotelier Pay, all your payment information is in one place. It’s fully-integrated with all of Little Hotelier’s great features.

You can take secure PCI-DSS payments from any of our booking channels. Plus with all your records stored in one centralised place, refunds and reconciliation have never been easier. And the best part? It can save you up to 15 hours every month!

Free yourself from payment worries.

Time saving technology.

Say goodbye to double-handing your guests’ payment details during checkin and checkout. Digitally request payments or even set up Auto Payments to charge guests’ credit cards at predefined dates and times, creating a better, smoother experience for you and your guests.

One centralised place.

Forget switching back and forth between systems. Manage all your payments from the same, single convenient dashboard, making reconciliation quick and easy.

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Secure and compliant.

Stay PCI-DSS and PSD2 SCA compliant and safeguard your small property from online fraud, whilst also giving guests confidence their personal information and credit card details are safe.

Set up in no time at all.

Get up-and-running quickly, with no need for a merchant account. Just become a Little Hotelier Pay customer.

Make cashflow easy.

Payments are deposited straight into your preferred bank account within 2-3 business days. Every time.

Take global payments.

We accept all major credit cards, virtual credit cards, as well as Apple and Google Pay, with integrated payments in 29 countries and territories

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Available in 29 countries and territories worldwide

All Little Hotelier customers can apply for an account.
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Loved by thousands of small property owners.

Manage your property and guests all in one place, and in half the time, with a single login.

“Little Hotelier’s payment processing solution is just a smarter way to do it. We’ve been using it on three accounts so far, and think it’s great for people who don’t have merchant banking.”

Hunter Valley Escapes,


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Frequently asked questions.

How does hotel payment processing work?

Payment processing eliminates the need to process payments from a separate point-of-sale terminal or merchant account and then manually record the payment in the Front desk. Instead, Little Hotelier Pay is integrated right into your Little Hotelier booking engine, helping save you and your guests time.

Does Little Hotelier process international transactions?

At this point in time, Little Hotelier Pay only accepts payments in the currency of the country in which your hotel is located. Little Hotelier Pay is currently available to Little Hotelier customers located in Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Slovenia, Greece, Estonia, Latvia, Cyprus, Malta, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Belgium.

How does Little Hotelier combat fraudulent transactions?

Little Hotelier Pay is fully PSD2/SCA compliant. An important element of PSD2 is the requirement for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) on the majority of electronic payments. This means online payments where both the cardholder and merchant’s banks are located in the EEA will require multi-factor authentication, to increase the security of electronic payments.

Can I try Little Hotelier for free?

Yes, we invite you to explore what Little Hotelier can do for you prior to any payment. Simply click here to get started at no cost to you.

What’s included in my free period?

You will have access to the full product you subscribe to.

How do I set up and get started with Little Hotelier Pay?

Getting started and set up with Little Hotelier Pay begins with your free trial. Depending on the plan you choose, you will either enter an online sign-up process and or be connected with a professional onboarding specialist. The online sign-up process is quick and easy, since you’ll be assisted by a ‘wizard’ that takes you through step-by-step instructions. Once through the initial stages, the most helpful aspect will be your smartguide – make sure to look out for it. This will ensure you understand what to do next and make the most of your new software. To make the process even smoother, make sure you have prepared photos of your property and rooms, a list of your room types, and other important information about your property such as contact details.

What support is available to me during my payments setup?

Support is available to you 24/7 during and after your Little Hotelier Pay setup. Depending on the plan you choose you’ll have access to email and online chat, or dedicated phone support on top of that. Little Hotelier also has a learning centre, which can answer many questions about the features and how they work.

Can I cancel my free period anytime?

Absolutely – we aim to make your life as easy as possible so with us, there are no lock-in contracts, and you can cancel anytime you choose. 

What happens after my free period ends?

You have two options – the first is that you can continue to use your Little Hotelier plan and we’ll begin charging you after the free period has ended via the payment method you’ve selected. But if you’re ready to finish up, you can easily cancel anytime.

Is it possible to accept Apple Pay or Google pay through my booking engine?

Yes. Little Hotelier Pay enables your guests to pay with both Apple Pay and Google Pay when they make their reservation through your Booking Engine.