Frequently asked questions.

What is a hotel invoice?

A hotel invoice, also known as a hotel bill or guest folio, is a detailed document provided by a hotel to its guests outlining the charges incurred during their stay. It helps communicate guest billing and organise hotel accounting records.

What is a hotel invoice template?

A hotel invoice template is a template that sets out a predetermined format for a guest invoice. It creates a neat and tidy document that indicates all the required information that needs to be included. A hotelier can use the template to easily customise it with their own information.

What should I include in my hotel invoice email?

When creating your hotel invoice email, your invoice should include your property’s details such as name and address, the guest’s reservation information, a list of charges associated with the room, a list of additional charges associated with their stay, any applicable taxes, the total amount due and due date, and available payment methods.