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Little Hotelier is the only business solution we’ve needed for 10 years.

“It’s because of Little Hotelier that I can use so many channels, therefore opening up new avenues for bookings,” explained Jill.

For 10 years, visitors to Tasmania have been able to settle into a quiet and intimate B&B on the shores of one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. Jill and Jonathan Mills established Harpers on the Beach more than a decade ago, and have since enjoyed welcoming guests to their 5-room B&B for rest, relaxation and of course, adventure.

Harpers on the Beach is situated on the picture-perfect sands of White Beach, and is more than just Jill and Jonathan’s business, it’s their home. They believe that to operate a successful B&B, you need to be a welcoming host who invites people into your own world and gives your guests a glimpse of life from your vantage point. When they first opened their B&B, Jill and Jonathan knew they would need technology to assist them in growing their business and building their brand.

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I'm very happy with the level of service," Jill said. "I don't think there has been a single outage in all the time we have used it

Jill began to search for a channel manager that would allow her to connect to different agents and improve her distribution strategy. She discovered Little Hotelier, and immediately knew that it was the right choice for her property.”

Thanks to Little Hotelier, Jill and Jonathan have had the opportunity to increase their global reach and have been able to meet travellers from every corner of the world. It is a partnership that has lasted for more than 10 years, and one that continues to provide them with significant benefits.

Jill says it’s impossible to quantify the impact Little Hotelier has had on her business, but she knows  this business solution has allowed her and her husband to continually drive bookings while simultaneously growing their business.

Ever since then, Little Hotelier has been the only business solution she has needed at Harpers on the Beach. It started out as the answer to her channel management needs, but has since become an integral part of her business operations.

I've just bolted on the different aspects as they became available, the most recent being Websites by Little Hotelier, which I love!" Jill said. "I couldn't now run it without a channel manager and the front desk system makes the process of bookings, invoices and managing guests easier. The reporting is also useful. It was pretty impossible to get these figures prior to having this system. I love the website builder, as I always want the capability to change things regularly without having to pay a fortune to a web designer to do this.

Jill has found Little Hotelier to be a reliable business solution, and is pleased that the staff have more time available to help guests.

hotel reservation system demo

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