Pimali Resort and Training Centre operates under the Pimali Foundation – a mission that was founded 2015 to fight the exploitation of disadvantaged youths and to help reduce poverty in the north-east of Thailand. This is achieved by offering underprivileged young Thais the chance for a professional future in hospitality, bringing financial independence and interpersonal social skills.

Providing kitchen, service, and housekeeping courses, the foundation places students in leading 4 and 5-star hotels for an internship program which helps them secure permanent positions or future work elsewhere.

Located in the rural village of Ban Khok, 45 minutes from Udon Thani airport, the resort and training centre features four guest rooms alongside a fully operational bar and restaurant.

Stéphanie Loup, Chairwoman and Co-Founder with her husband Alexandre Des Arts, explained that guests staying at the resort get to experience life in the slow lane, relaxing in comfort while also achieving something meaningful.

“When a guest stays at Pimali, they are making a financial contribution to the foundation, helping our students develop the professional and life skills that will ultimately lead to a career in hospitality,” she said.

The right time to find a technology partner

To help continue the growth of the foundation and the resort, Stéphanie and the team needed to find a way to reach a broader range of travellers and guests.

“We were in contact with Little Hotelier at the start of the Pimali journey some 6 years ago,” she explained. “At the time our focus was establishing the training centre and taking care of the students but we feel now is the right time to introduce our small resort to a wider audience.”

“Little Hotelier provides us with a practical platform from which we can promote our product and also manage our room inventory and reservations.”

Success secured for the future

The all-in-one nature of Little Hotelier suits Pimali perfectly, and will enable Stéphanie and the team to drive even better results moving forward, with little effort.

“Little Hotelier is a one-stop platform from where we can update our website, control inventory across multiple channels and process reservations and payments for our guests,” she said.

“The more visitors that we have – the more practical experience that our students will have. At Pimali we believe in ‘learning by doing”. And all revenue generated at the resort is a donation to the Pimali Foundation.”

With upcoming plans to build two extra family villas, Little Hotelier has been a crucial addition to Pimali’s strategy.

Thank you Pimali Resort and Training Centre and we wish you all the best with the foundation!

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