Long N Joy is a serviced apartment in Koh Samui, located on the beach side of Chaweng Beach near Koh Samui Airport. 

With close proximity to restaurants and the Central Festival Department Store, it offers 20 rooms with a shared swimming pool and complete facilities for tourists who wish to stay for a long period of time. This includes microwave ovens, refrigerators, wardrobes, cooking equipment and more.

We spoke to Ms. Maneerat Wiriyarat, the owner of Long N Joy Samui Apartment Service, about the history of the business and the beginnings of using Little Hotelier technology to manage the property.

“We started providing our services in 2017. We serve all customers equally with a friendly spirit, smiling and providing convenience to customers as much as possible,” she explained. “Because good experiences from customers are a driving force for us, we’ve seen great reviews on TripAdvisor and other booking platforms from customers who have stayed, sharing and spreading the word to one another.”

“We were searching for a system to help manage everything, and we came across Little Hotelier, an all-inclusive solution,” she continued. “Our accommodations are now professionally run. There is a lot more order.”

Integration of Little Hotelier’s channel manager and booking engine help the property control everything in one place

For serviced apartments like Long N Joy, using a channel manager is crucial to help the accommodation to distribute rooms for sale on multiple channels. Meanwhile, owners can sell on their direct website without risking overbookings.

Ms. Maneerat said it was an important part of the sales strategy at the business.

“We use Little Hotelier’s channel manager to sell our rooms through OTAs such as Booking.com, Agoda, Airbnb and more to increase exposure to a wide range of travellers and win new customers. Especially tourists from Europe and Russia.”

“At the same time, we focus on old customers by accepting them from direct bookings through Little Hotelier’s booking engine in order to reduce commission and get maximum income,” she said.  “In the future, we want to make the proportion of reservations accepted this way as high as possible.”

Securing both long-term and short-term bookings at the best prices.

“After using Little Hotelier, we saw an increase in bookings compared to never using the system. Especially during the high season from November to February when all 20 rooms are full,” said Ms. Maneerat.

Because Long ‘N Joy Samui Apartment Service provides both short-term and long-term services. Ms. Maneerat told us that more than 90% of customers are from overseas.

“We can easily play with the room prices according to the occasion with Little Hotelier to ensure that we receive the highest income. For example, during the high season we adjust the prices high and focus on accepting customers who stay for a short time. For the low season, we place lower prices and focus on long-stay customers. Customers can make reservations up to 6 months in advance.” This kind of pricing strategy helps the property maintain a balanced occupancy throughout the year.

Little Hotelier’s convenience, flexibility and service are unrivalled.

Little Hotelier is pleased to support beautiful accommodations like Long N Joy and would like to thank Ms. Maneerat for sharing her great experience with us.

“Despite being approached by other companies, we believe in Little Hotelier’s products and support services that have helped many small accommodations generate sustainable revenue. In the event of an emergency requiring urgent assistance, they can be contacted easily and quickly.”

“I highly recommend property owners to try Little Hotelier and they will know that it’s really good!” 

It allows us to work like professionals even though we are just starting out in the industry. We work conveniently and can manage tasks anywhere, whether via mobile phone, iPad, tablet, notebook, or desktop computer.”

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