As an Indonesian paradise for backpackers, both international and domestic, Yogyakarta is home to many accommodations. However, Hubs Hostel Yogyakarta stands out by offering comfort alongside excellent quality of service that’s unrivalled. 

Located right in the middle of the city, only steps away from the Yogyakarta Monument, Hubs Hostel is an all-new sanctuary for travellers which has only been operating since March 2024.

With a modern and fresh design which includes private rooms and dormitories, Hubs Hostel upholds inclusivity, welcoming guests from all walks of life to experience the warmth that Yogyakarta offers.

Not simply a place to rest, Hubs Hostel also provides tour guide services, especially for foreign tourists who want to immerse themselves in the rich culture, history and enchanting vibes of the region.

Hubs Hostel

The best option to start strong

Being a new business, Hubs Hostel didn’t want to get off on the wrong foot. Before its launch, the team decided to look into a number of vendors that provide property management system (PMS) features.

Their online search led them to Little Hotelier.

“We looked for [a vendor with] competitive prices, the one with the best value for money. With competitive prices and impressive presentation, we finally decided to choose Little Hotelier,” said Hostel Supervisor at Hubs Hostel Yogyakarta, Gilang Mado.

Gilang explained that his property immediately relied heavily on two of Little Hotelier’s features, the channel manager and front desk system.

“Incidentally, [this accommodation] is our first project so it’s still early,” he continued. “But so far utilising these two features has really helped us.”

Hubs Hostel

Satisfying experience that fends off obstacles

Gilang said that Little Hotelier has helped Hubs Hostel Yogyakarta immensely, especially regarding work efficiency. This is important considering that since its first month of operation, Hubs Hostel Yogyakarta has opened its doors to many guests, 70% of whom are foreign tourists.

“Little Hotelier helps manage our online reservations more efficiently, because we are also connected to a lot of OTAs (online travel agents). Apart from that, the UI and UX are very easy to navigate,” he explained.

He then continued to say that Hubs Hostel Yogyakarta’s daily operations were optimised thanks to Little Hotelier, which kept day-to-day operations running smoothly.

“The experience is seamless, there’s no hassle of moving around to take care of bookings,” he continued. “Reservations are immediately connected, this also reduces errors.”

As a new accommodation manager, Gilang understood the importance of familiarising himself with the supportive features offered by Little Hotelier.

This was done with ease, especially because Little Hotelier helped Gilang and his team navigate the software through the onboarding process.

“The team and I who took part in the training found it very easy to follow. The explanations were not complicated and quite easy to understand. That really helped us when we were starting out,” Gilang concluded.

Little Hotelier is honoured to be the first and only solution for Hubs Hostel Yogyakarta!

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