Jogja is the perfect destination for those looking for intimacy without sacrificing the convenience of a big city. As an accommodation that offers a cosy and private atmosphere, Sangkar Cottage & Eatery complements the perfect holiday in the region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Operating since March 2023, Sangkar Cottage & Eatery became the talk of the town thanks to its unique ‘birdcage’ design and beautiful surroundings.

Located near the city centre, only about 7km from Jogja and 10km from Malioboro, this accommodation consists of five cottages, each with a mezzanine. All rooms are equipped with their own living room and private jacuzzi. Sangkar Cottage & Eatery also has a restaurant that is open to guests and the public.

We recently spoke to the owner, Daniel Lebao, about how Little Hotelier has helped the business reach its level of success.

Dipping his toe into a new property territory

Sangkar Cottage & Eatery

Before opening Sangkar Cottage, Daniel had experience using a number of property management systems for other properties which he managed.

“Before using Little Hotelier, I used other systems. For Sangkar Cottage & Eatery, I decided to use Little Hotelier after doing a lot of research myself and getting recommendations from a lot of people,” he said.

Getting the green light from various colleagues who work in the hospitality sector, Daniel decided to entrust the launch of his new accommodation business to Little Hotelier.

“When our property was ready to get up and running, I asked friends who were hoteliers and they all recommended Little Hotelier.”

A positive experience from the start

Sangkar Cottage & Eatery utilises a number of Little Hotelier’s features such as the front desk and booking engine. Apart from that, Daniel also plans to use Little Hotelier’s channel manager to automate the process of updating inventory on online travel agents (OTAs) and in the front desk system.

“It’s important to do this so that there are no double bookings. If we’re slow in updating our inventory across all of the OTAs, the biggest risk is double bookings,” he explained.

As a veteran in the industry, Daniel understands very well how big the risk of double bookings is. He faced this issue when managing his two other properties.

Sangkar Cottage & Eatery

He believes that in terms of OTA arrangements, Little Hotelier’s channel manager will come in handy.

“When I use Little Hotelier’s channel manager, all the control will be in my hands. I can also set the price at any time, depending on demand. This is exactly what I’m looking for,” he said.

He hopes that Little Hotelier can boost bookings for the newly-operating Sangkar Cottage & Eatery.

With the support of Little Hotelier, Daniel stated that his accommodation would be ready to face peak season, during the Eid holidays.

“Idul Fitri is the peak season and if it is the same as last year, then Jogja will be very busy. This is why I want to avoid double booking occurrences,” he concluded.

Little Hotelier is happy to be a part of Sangkar Cottage & Eatery’s success!

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