Mamori House at Koh Larn is a private Japanese-style accommodation with only five rooms available. “Mamori” means “protection” combined with “forest” in Japanese, which reflects the owner’s intention to make guests feel comfortable, safe, and peaceful; like being surrounded by nature.

Mamori House is committed to providing a warm and comfortable vacation experience that makes guests feel like they’re coming home. It’s perfect for independent travellers, couples or those looking for a long vacation.

We spoke with Ms. Lysha Kwanmuang, co-founder of Mamori House at Koh Larn, about the property’s journey and experience with Little Hotelier.

Little Hotelier makes the transition to tech-led management simple

In the beginning, Mamori House faced challenges selling through various online channels. As a new business, it was vital to attract customers and create business turnover.

“When we first started the business, we didn’t know which channels to sell through and what to do if overbooking occurs when selling through multiple channels at the same time,” said Lysha. “But I came across Little Hotelier while searching online and saw many small accommodations in Thailand were using the solution.”

With this knowledge, the team was confident to try Little Hotelier and see what difference it could make for Mamori House. Soon, its usefulness was proven.

“Little Hotelier is a system that is quite easy to understand and very convenient. The interface is smooth and easy on the eyes,” mentioned Lysha. 

“And it’s not that complicated for beginners. It helps us manage our rooms to prevent overbooking. Moreover, the system also helps calculate room sales results in great detail. This answers the need for us to be able to manage and control everything ourselves with flexibility.”

Everyday operations made better

Mamori House quickly discovered a number of favourite features and functionalities of Little Hotelier’s all-in-one solution.

These included the ability to:

  • Prevent overbookings
  • Produce reports to analyse room sales and make informed business decisions
  • Perform tasks easily thanks to a user-friendly interface
  • Automate inventory management
  • Easily manage bookings, cancellations, and payments
  • The always-ready support team that solves queries quickly

“We have only been open for five months, selling through direct booking websites, on OTAs and through our Facebook page. But we’re seeing a steady increase in bookings, which is clearly evident from every online channel that we connect to. Currently, we sell on more than eight channels where we can control prices very accurately in order to get the maximum profit from bookings,” explained Lysha.

The beauty of Little Hotelier’s solution is the ability to control everything easily from one central location. It creates a clear picture of the business, makes life easier for staff, and also makes communication with guests clearer.

“If asked which function of Little Hotelier we like the most, I would have to say the front desk because it is the centre of our accommodation’s management. It’s very easy to understand and you can always see when customers make reservations or cancel them. We can also receive payment easily and quickly,” explained Lysha.

“Another thing that we trust about Little Hotelier is the Thai support department. They’re easy to contact when there is a problem, so there is no interruption and the problem can be solved quickly.”

Thank you Lysha for your feedback and we wish Mamori House all the best in the future!

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