Boreale Ranch

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Boreale Ranch save time & get organised with Little Hotelier

Boreale Ranch is nestled amongst the mountain peaks in beautiful Yukon, Canada. This 16-acre property holds 4 lodge rooms and an additional 3 rooms in the summer, all facing a spectacular view of the surrounding mountain peaks.

This secluded property is a safe haven for adventure travelers who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Not only can guests mountain bike and bask in the midnight sun, in the winter they can also snowshoe and watch the northern lights.

Marsha Cameron is the Owner-Operator of the lodge, and has been actively managing it for years.

I like that Little Hotelier is really easy to use, and it’s a very modern system, so it’s not a big headache on our end. Plus, it’s affordable.

The Challenge

Marsha never had a problem with getting guests through the door, but as word of her property spread, managing her reservations quickly became a time-consuming hassle.

“Our bookings were coming from every direction – over the phone and online through OTAs – but none of the systems communicated to each other, so I had to update them manually.”

This manual way of processing reservations meant that staff at the Boreale Ranch were always struggling to keep up.

“We had different calendars set up for different rooms, so we tracked our availability that way. It was labor intensive – especially once we started getting bookings from OTAs it just turned into a bit of a zoo.”,

The Solution

Marsha knew that to book out her lodge efficiently, she needed an online reservation system that would manage her online inventory.

She began her search for a solution that satisfied the following requirements:

• Communicates with their online booking agents;

• Has a good interface – simple, clean and modern; and,

• Is cost-effective.

Many of the solutions she looked at were designed for much larger properties, and came with hefty price tags.

“A lot of programs do online property management, but they were too expensive for a little company like ours.”

After comparing several systems online, Marsha stumbled upon Little Hotelier. She found that as an all-in-one solution, Little Hotelier was a perfect fit for her lodge.,

The Results

With Little Hotelier, Boreale Ranch is able to run more efficiently.

“The biggest way Little Hotelier has helped is by saving us time and stress – and when you own a small business, there’s never enough time. Now, everyone is on the same page because we’re all using the one system.”

Marsha can relax and watch the reservations pour in, confident in the fact that her availability is always up to date across all of her booking channels.

Customers and retail travel agents alike can simply refer to the Boreale Ranch website for the most up to date view of rates and inventory.

“The process is much easier for me now. Our customers can check availability themselves, and I can give wholesale tour operators a link to the booking engine to look at it. It saves me time in going back and forth through emails.”

With more free time on her hands, Marsha can focus on delighting her guests.

“Little Hotelier gives me more time to service my guests. Compared to how we used to manage our online inventory, it’s like night and day! I love it.”

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