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Stirling All Suites Hotel is luxury accommodation with a healthy dose of local charm. Located in British Columbia, Canada, the property boasts 16 suites all with fully equipped kitchens, free Wi-Fi, top end mattresses, and breathtaking views of the mountains and lake.

Guests will also find themselves close to the local shops and the beach, giving them a full holiday experience.

Pleased to have been providing solutions to Stirling since 2022, we recently spoke to Marika Melville, Owner/General Manager, about how Little Hotelier’s Guest Engagement feature has helped the business reach its goals.

Where the journey began

Stirling All Suites Hotel is a joint operation between Marika and her husband, Elon, who she said was the catalyst behind the business getting off the ground.

“Elon was the visionary behind the entire renovation from the beginning and had the foresight to turn it into a contactless hotel. But once I got to design the kitchens, bathrooms and outfit the suites, I really took it on as my job to create amazing experiences for guests to enjoy and return to,” she explained.

“The building itself was actually established in 1914 and still has the original ‘Stirling Hotel’ name on the front today. We purchased the property in 2012 and spent eight years from 2014 doing our major renovations. The only original piece left is the interior staircase,” she detailed.

“Even though we are a contactless hotel we are always available to our guests and love to meet them if the moment suits to make a personal connection and to help with anything they may need including local recommendations as we both grew up in this town so we know all the best spots!”

Stirling All Suites Hotel

Enhancing contactless guest experiences

Prior to coming on board with Little Hotelier, Stirling was striving to create a safer and more convenient experience for guests by becoming contactless. However, it was soon realised that software would be required to help.

“We are a contactless hotel, so collecting guest’s ID and having them sign our terms and conditions was essential before they arrive at our property,” explained Marika.

Little Hotelier’s property management system and guest engagement feature deals with this perfectly by creating seamless digital customer experiences to ensure check-in is as smooth as possible.

Stirling All Suites Hotel

Automation making things simple

Stirling was quickly able to see the benefits, with the ability to automate and personalise guest communications making everyday life easier.

“We’ve really enjoyed having the ability to pre-set emails, including the check-in form for guests. It’s just one click and guests instantly have an email with the required information.”

Stirling All Suites Hotel has also added on Little Hotlier’s metasearch and payments features. Metasearch is allowing the property to be found on Google Hotel Ads, Trivago, and TripAdvisor for no extra effort. Little Hotelier does all the necessary bidding and monitoring, delivering more direct bookings to the business.

“The majority of our bookings are direct bookings and I do believe the metasearch feature is helping us with that,” said Marika.

Little Hotelier Pay also enables the property to take fast and secure payments, with a single dashboard making it easy to manage all payment processes easily and improve cash flow.

“The payment system integrates to our PMS seamlessly. Paying online is so easy. Even if the guest hands me their credit card, I can simply add it to their booking profile for payment,” she continued.

“I’m also excited to start using the feature for setting up automatic charging for guests on the day of arrival or whenever we set it up for. One less step to remember when we want to collect payments!”

Thank you Marika, and Elon, for your kind words and we wish Stirlingall the best in the future!

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