Offering views of the mountains wrapped in the cool air of Bandung, Omah Angkul Angkul Villa is the perfect destination for those of you who yearn for serenity away from the bustle of the big city. Located in Lembang, West Java, this accommodation is near to recreational facilities such as Lembang Park & Zoo, making it a family’s favourite spot to stop by.

In addition to having a strategic location, Omah Angkul Angkul Villa is an accommodation that provides an outdoor swimming pool, a bar, 24-hour front desk, and a garden with barbecue facilities that visitors can enjoy.

This villa, which is located only 5.5 km from Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park, consists of a total of 14 rooms divided into six villa units, complete with kitchen equipment and free Wi-Fi.

Double booking complication

Being in operation since 2021, Omah Angkul Angkul Villa invests heavily into guest experience by providing outstanding service & facilities.

However, according to the owner of Omah Angkul Angkul Villa, Ahoy F. Yaputra, the accommodation faced hurdles that affected daily operations.

“[Operations] were complicated because we had to do it manually and double bookings often occurred,” Ahoy said.

Manual tasks often become an operational stumbling block for small-sized accommodations such as Omah Angkul Angkul Villa. In order to overcome this, Ahoy decided to try Little Hotelier’s all-in-one solution.

A perfect solution

Thanks to Little Hotelier’s features such as its channel manager and online booking engine, Omah Angkul Angkul Villa managed to overcome double-booking issues from third-party OTA sites.

“Little Hotelier makes it easier for us to handle booking services through OTAs,” he continued.

Apart from that, this Lembang-based accommodation has also seen positive changes regarding room arrangements after investing Little Hotelier’s help. Ahoy explained that room management at his accommodation has become much easier.

“There are no more double bookings,” he explained further.

Not only dealing with double booking problems, Ahoy added that Little Hotelier helped Omah Angkul Angkul Villa minimise possible dilemmas that could arise due to human error and also reduce conflicting orders.

Boosted work efficiency

Maximising the use of Little Hotelier’s features also made Omah Angkul Angkul Villa’s services more efficient, and reduced staff working time.

“After using Little Hotelier, all tasks can be completed in less time, and it makes my work more enjoyable and easy to carry out,” Ahoy said.

Thank you Ahoy and we’re glad to be a part of Omah Angkul Angkul Villa’s journey of success!

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