United Residence Ekkamai

United Residence Ekkamai, a cornerstone of hospitality in Bangkok’s vibrant Ekkamai neighbourhood, has been setting the standard for excellence for almost 10 years. With 42 impeccably presented rooms and top-notch fitness facilities, the property has earned a stellar reputation for its unwavering commitment to cleanliness, exceptional service, and serene ambiance.

We had the privilege of speaking with Ms. Jaruwan Srikham (Nok), the dedicated receptionist at United Residence Ekkamai, to uncover the property’s remarkable journey and discuss the profound impact that Little Hotelier has had on their operations.

“Our clients comprise a mix of short-term guests and long-term tenants such as Japanese professionals on yearly assignments in Thailand,” said Nok. “Positioned near Ekkamai and Thonglor’s vibrant nightlife scene, the property attracts a balanced blend of Thai nationals and international short-term travellers. In the wake of COVID-19, we saw a surge in domestic staycations, highlighting the it’s adaptability and resilience in changing times.”

A long-term relationship with Little Hotelier

Nok shared insights into the property’s seamless adoption of Little Hotelier, an all-in-one hotel management system. Despite her initial lack of experience in the hospitality industry, Nok found Little Hotelier remarkably user-friendly and efficient. 

“Since I joined the property, the hotel has been using Little Hotelier for about 6-7 years now, and they’ve stuck with it through thick and thin,” she explained. 

“Even when COVID-19 hit and we had to pause things for a bit, we came right back to Little Hotelier. Why? Because it’s super easy to use, and the team loves it.” 

Despite cutting costs and ceasing use of Little Hotelier during the COVID-19 pandemic, United Residence soon realised Little Hotelier was in fact the way through the difficult times.

“It’s like a safety net – without it, we had to manually handle bookings, and that led to a lot of mistakes,” said Nok. 

“This means that if we sell across 10 channels, when 1 room is reserved, we have to go to every website to adjust to 9 rooms. Sometimes there was an error and it turned into an overbooking. When we brought Little Hotelier back to automate this, it was like a weight lifted off our shoulders.”

Before returning to Little Hotelier, the team at United Residence trialled another solution to test the market, but were met with frustrating complications and no success.

“The other system was very difficult to use with lots of unnecessary details,” she said. “We found it hard to control and the connectivity wasn’t stable. So we decided to continue to use Little Hotelier because we love its look and how easy it is to operate.”

United Residence Ekkamai

Enjoying the power of a leading software solution

United Residence Ekkamai leverages Little Hotelier to expand its reach and maximise sales opportunities across multiple online channels. With a strategic presence on sites like Agoda and Trip.com, the property taps into diverse customer demographics across more than 10 channels, ensuring a steady stream of bookings. 

“Having a channel manager to distribute our rooms is like having a superpower – they can be seen by lots of travellers, and that means more chances to make bookings,” Nok explained. “We especially like the Trip.com connection because it brings in all kinds of guests.”

The property’s owner also utilises Little Hotelier’s comprehensive reporting tools to gain insights into booking patterns, pricing fluctuations, and channel performance.

“As a front desk manager, I primarily use computer viewing. As for the property owner, he uses the mobile app to view the number of reservations and price fluctuations each day, and also which channels create a high/low number of bookings,” she said. 

“With the Little Hotelier’s reports, the team is able to predict future prices and set better strategies to capture higher revenue.”

United Residence Ekkamai is excited to keep using Little Hotelier to grow, using real-time data to optimise pricing, and focusing on direct bookings and guest engagement. With Little Hotelier, they’re ready for whatever comes next.

Thank you Nok and we wish United Residence Ekkamai all the best in the future!

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