Spacio Caliraya

Spacio Caliraya is an events venue and boutique resort nestled amidst breathtaking mountain vistas in the Philippines.

Boasting 11 rooms, the property offers a haven of tranquillity for the diverse range of guests that visit. Local visitors, European explorers, and American adventurers all come together to experience the best of Southeast Asian hospitality.

Guests can unwind in the pool, relax in lush gardens, or gather around an inviting outdoor fireplace when they aren’t enjoying their air-conditioned rooms and complimentary wi-fi.

To facilitate a smooth and easy experience for guests, and to maximise the performance of the business, Spacio Caliraya has been using Little Hotelier since 2021 to manage day-to-day operations, automate inventory management, attract direct bookings, and adopt a flexible lifestyle.

We recently spoke to Operations Manager, Darell Sabido, about the journey so far.

Streamlined operations was the aim

Even with an undeniable appeal, managing bookings and maximising occupancy was presenting challenges. 

“We used to struggle with double bookings,” mentioned Darell. “This not only caused frustration for us, but also impacted guest experience.”

Double bookings can often cause a lot of friction with customers, if they arrive and find that the room they thought they were entitled to has already been filled. If the hotel can’t find a suitable replacement, it can result in negative feedback and a reduced brand reputation. 

It was crucial for Spacio Caliraya to solve this and luckily Little Hotelier had the perfect solution.

“I found out about Little Hotelier by searching online,” mentioned Darell. “We switched to Little Hotelier because of its straightforward features and ease of use.” 

“With Little Hotelier, the challenges are gone. Our occupancy doubled when we started using Little Hotelier’s channel manager, and also helped reduce double bookings at the same time.”

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A collection of key benefits

Little Hotelier’s user-friendly property management system transformed Spacio Caliraya’s operations. Here’s how Little Hotelier empowered the team:

  • Effortless booking management: The integrated channel manager reduced double bookings, ensuring a seamless booking experience for guests and streamlining operations for Spacio Caliraya’s staff.
  • Maximised occupancy: Little Hotelier’s centralised platform allows Spacio Caliraya to manage rates and availability across various channels, leading to a remarkable 60% increase in bookings.
  • Simplified rate management: Updating rates across different channels used to be a time-consuming task. Little Hotelier’s user-friendly interface makes managing rates a breeze, freeing up valuable time for staff.
  • Enhanced guest experience: With streamlined operations and maximised occupancy, Spacio Caliraya can dedicate more resources to exceeding guest expectations.

“Little Hotelier is so user-friendly. Its straightforward functionality makes our job a lot easier,” said Darell.

Lasting results and a positive outlook

Every Little Hotelier feature utilised by Spacio Caliraya is making a key difference to everyday processes and business results, according to Darell.

“One of my favourite features is the channel manager, it makes our rate management easy. The increase in our bookings dramatically increased to 60% since we started using Little Hotelier.”

“Using Little Hotelier’s website builder, we found that updating our content and managing our website is very easy –  as easy as updating your content to other social media platforms,” he continued. “We can create a beautiful website as well as mobile friendly for our guests to book.”

Having things so organised on the backend is allowing the team to focus more strongly on delivering exceptional guest experiences. With guest satisfaction growing, it makes it much easier to attract new guests through positive reviews and word of mouth.

Additionally, Little Hotelier offers a fully functional mobile app, allowing the team to manage vital tasks from anywhere, anytime.

“Apart from all the other features, we also love Little Hotelier’s Mobile App,” said Darell. “The app is very useful. We can manage our property even when we are out of the office.”

Thank you, Darell, for your valued feedback and we wish Spacio Caliraya all the best in the future!

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