Nestled in nature just outside Houston, Country Dome Suites welcomes guests to an oasis of simplicity and tranquility. With 11 cozy domes offering a rustic escape, this serene retreat encourages travelers to unplug and savor the uncomplicated joys of life. 

Country Dome Suites hosts a diverse range of guests, from couples seeking a romantic retreat to individuals of all ages yearning for a nature-inspired getaway. Many visitors hail from Houston, opting for stay-cations in the tranquil surroundings. Run by two couples, the team are able to use their individual strengths to ensure a stellar guest experience. Owner Jen Llewellyn’s favorite part of the job? Interacting with customers and ensuring they have the perfect stay. 

Managing their unique dome accommodations became effortlessly streamlined with the integration of Little Hotelier into their operations. From bookings to guest details, Little Hotelier simplifies daily tasks so they can focus on delivering their top-notch guest experience.

A fantastic experience from the beginning

Prior to implementing Little Hotelier, they tried two different hotel management software systems. The first was not user friendly and lacked features. The second proved so difficult to set up that it went unused for a year. Once Jen found Little Hotelier, that all changed right from the very beginning. With 1:1 set-up and an intuitive user interface, Little Hotelier prides itself on making it easy to get up and running. Jen agrees, saying:

“Little Hotelier had fantastic onboarding help, and was easy to set up. I had all the time I needed to talk to the team for help and get things set up. It is very user friendly”. 

Ease of use and simplified operations

Little Hotelier’s mission is to give hoteliers more control and free up their time via an all-in-one system. For Country Dome Suites this rings true. Jen notes that rearranging bookings, blocking rooms, and monitoring cleaning schedules have never been easier, enabling the team to focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences. 

When asked how managing their rooms and rates have changed since implementing Little Hotelier, the big takeaway is how much easier everything is, Jen said:

“I really like how I am able to move people’s dates or rooms with just a click and drag. It’s a lot easier for us to see what we have and change things as needed”.

The Little Hotelier Mobile App offers convenience 

Little Hotelier operates as a desktop system but also has the Little Hotelier mobile app available. This allows hoteliers to access all necessary information on the go, so that they can stay in control from anywhere. Jen manages most of her operations from within the easy-to-use app, saying:

“It’s really convenient to have the app to go to. Most of what I do on a day to day basis is on the app”. 

At Little Hotelier we pride ourselves on delivering software that allows hoteliers to spend less time on admin and more time with guests. We’re delighted that Country Dome Suites has trusted us to be their partner, and wish Jen and the team nothing but success! 

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