Operating since 2017, Hillside Havens comprises four luxurious glamping pods in the heart of Moray Speyside. The en suite glamping pods offer panoramic views of the surrounding farmland, neighbouring golf course, and Dufftown, as well as convenient proximity to beaches, distilleries, mountains, and other local attractions. With stellar rankings on Booking.com (9.7), TripAdvisor (5 stars), and Airbnb (4.94/5), Hillside Havens is clearly a beloved destination by all. 

Owner Tracy Wight has spent 20 years in the hospitality sector, but most recently worked in public relations for nine years. When moving from South Africa to Scotland, Tracy knew it was time to return to her passion of hospitality, and took over Hillside Havens. 

Tracy emphasises the best part of working in the hospitality industry is that, “No two days are the same and it’s a wonderful opportunity to meet different people from all walks of life and from all over the world”.

When Tracy acquired the Glamping pods, Little Hotelier’s software was already in place from the previous owner. Tracy and family did their due diligence by researching the competition, but ultimately decided to stay with Little Hotelier, describing it as, “A decision we have not regretted for a minute”.

Hillside Havens

Automation brings freedom and peace of mind

Even with just four glamping pods, having software in place to manage day-to-day tasks is crucial for time management and revenue optimisation. Tracy states that Little Hotelier has been invaluable.

“It allows for seamless running of the business and frees up time which would otherwise have been spent doing admin, accounts, and banking. It also minimises the possibility of making errors with bookings”. 

Time is incredibly valuable for small business owners, and certain tasks prove more efficient when automated. An overbooking, fraudulent payment, or incorrect invoice are significant risks for small businesses, which is why we created our all-in-one platform – to save time and protect against human error. 

Tracy also mentions that “The accounting and payment process really makes running the business so much easier. Also the simple calendar and the fact it’s directly linked to our website”. Little Hotelier connects with accountancy software, as well as generates a variety of financial reports to track each transaction. As for the calendar, all updates occur automatically in real time. This ensures that availability displayed on both the official website and OTA remains accurate. 

Hillside Havens

Boosting occupancy and maximising revenue

Being listed on multiple OTAs is necessary for generating exposure and creating what is known as the billboard effect. However, ensuring guests book directly is just as essential for revenue optimisation. Direct bookings can be obtained by utilising Little Hotelier’s Metasearch feature, as well having a user-friendly website and booking engine. 

In the summer season, Hillside Haven experiences about 90% occupancy. 

“At least 80% of our bookings are direct – especially in the summer season – and being with Little Hotelier has certainly contributed to this,” said Tracy. 

Hillside Haven is a small, family owned business that offers a wonderfully unique guest experience rain or shine, and Little Hotelier is proud to be a part of the journey.

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