Cetătuia Hotel & Restaurant is a beautiful, stylish, property located in the gorgeous surrounds of a Romanian forest. 

With six different room types, including rooms with balconies and a private bungalow, guests will appreciate the supreme comfort, idyllic atmosphere, and the standout restaurant that is run seamlessly by a passionate staff.

Cetătuia has been a Little Hotelier customer since 2017, so we recently spoke to the Owner, Amalia Petre, about how Little Hotelier’s Guest Engagement feature has contributed to the success of the business.

Becoming a hospitality professional

As with many accommodation operators, running a property was not the first career for Amalia, but it was one that was ‘too good to refuse.’

“I used to work in a beer corporation for many years as a logistics manager and 9 years ago someone offered us an opportunity to develop a hospitality project that was 50% financed from the European Union. It was a chance that we couldn’t resist and we grabbed it,” she explained.

“It was hard to build in the middle of the forest with no utilities, and once we opened it was also difficult with finding and keeping staff due to the location. But it was an excellent way to quit the corporate environment.”

I also had to learn a lot,” she continued. “To become a hospitality provider, I had to start thinking about everything as if I was the customer and what I would want if I found myself staying at our property.”

“I think we are blessed to be here. The only neighbours are the foxes, the deers, the boars and many birds. I am proud of our guests who come back many times over, I’m proud of my team, and I’m proud of my 9.4 rating on Booking.com. I am proud of what we have done here.”

Optimised customer interaction required a specific solution

When customer communication and engagement is perfected, the benefits for a hotel can be very strong – both in terms of revenue and brand reputation.

However, you need a solution that can handle all the unique and necessary needs of incoming guests. This was the case for Cetătuia too.

“I wanted to have a coherent and integrated solution to interact with customers for several tasks: Online check in, customer emails, special offers, and collecting feedback,” said Amalia.

To this end, the team explored their options and decided to invest in Little Hotelier’s all-in-one management system, crucially connecting the Guest Engagement feature as well as the metasearch service.

Improved guest experience and better staff efficiency

The benefit of Little Hotelier’s Guest Engagement is that it allows for a much more effective and personal relationship with guests.

“It’s all about brand image and customer satisfaction,” said Amalia. “But also it’s about saving money from the time spent by our employees to manage check-ins, increasing sales for our restaurant, and selling some special offers.”

When guests are happy and satisfied, it’s only a matter of time before the bottom line of the hotel starts to rise. Things are certainly on the right track at Cetătuia.

“We’ve found that streamlining online check-in, easily collecting feedback, and communicating offers particularly useful features,” said Amalia.

Thank you, Amalia, for your kind words and we wish Cetătuia all the best in the future!

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