The Mercantile Hotel

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The Mercantile Hotel boosts bookings by 70%

In the heart of The Rocks likes The Mercantile Hotel, Australia’s longest running Irish hotel, pub, and accommodation.

As the General Manager, Mick Comerford runs the 14-room property, and is in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly for his guests.

Since using the Little Hotelier system, we’ve actually seen a 60-70% increase in bookings! It’s allowed us to unlock this huge revenue opportunity with accommodation that we didn’t know was possible.

The Challenge

While the Mercantile Hotel received a regular stream of patrons to the pub, not many people knew of the accommodation side of the business.

Mick wanted to implement strategies to raise awareness of the hotel; however, he realised that the way reservations were being managed needed to change before The Mercantile Hotel could reach its full potential.

“When I came on board, we were managing our room reservations with a notebook. It was a hassle for our guests and for us.”

The manual reservation process meant that partnering with more online channels was out of the question.

“There was no integration with online channels, so it was difficult to track our inventory, there was always the risk of double-bookings, and it was hard to branch out to other OTAs.”,

The Solution

Mick knew that something had to be done if he wanted to improve the productivity and revenue of The Mercantile Hotel.

“If we hadn’t done anything about it, we would lose revenue and time, and people would continue to be unaware of the accommodation side of the business.”

He began searching online for hotel reservation software that would suit the needs of The Mercantile Hotel.

“We needed a system that would save us time, connect to our online channels, and contain all of the data we needed for reporting.”

Mick had a look at Little Hotelier and felt that it was the perfect fit for The Mercantile Hotel.

“We settled on Little Hotelier because it truly is the all in one business solution – it’s my front desk, my backend system, it connects me to 3rd party booking sites, and it has a whole bunch of reports.”,

The Results

The Mercantile Hotel’s revenue has skyrocketed since using Little Hotelier.

With Little Hotelier, The Mercantile Hotel is free to connect to more booking sites in order to raise awareness.

“Now more people know about our hotel because they’re finding us online. We’ve partnered with two OTAs, and they send us a lot of international travelers.”

Mick doesn’t have to worry about updating his online inventory.

“If I get a phone booking, I can just key it into Little Hotelier and know that the system is updating the availability on all the other channels.”

Additionally, because the process is automated, managing reservations is so much quicker and easier for staff and guests alike.

“Little Hotelier has revolutionised the way we do business. It’s just so much easier to manage our property. All of our staff are saving time because it’s such a user-friendly and efficient system.”

Mick loves being able to analyse the success of The Mercantile Hotel through Little Hotelier’s advanced reporting features.

“I love the reports – I can measure the effectiveness of my online channels and I can even print out housekeeping reports.”

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