Nutana Hotel Lombok, in Mataram, is one of the best accommodation options for those on business trips to Indonesia. This hotel offers a number of services such as room service and a 24-hour front desk.

Apart from being a place to stay for business travellers, Nutana Hotel Lombok is also suitable for those who prioritise budget without compromising on the quality of comfort.

Operating since 2016, the property offers 43 rooms which are divided into two types, twin bed and double bed.

“Our concept is a city hotel with segmentation skewed towards business guests,” Made Adiyasa (known as Dego), owner of Nutana Hotel Lombok, explained.

Dego also explained that to support business travellers, Nutana Hotel Lombok provides a number of facilities such as free Wi-Fi, which is available in all public areas, and a meeting room.

Overwhelmed by inventory updates

Nutana Hotel Lombok is well-acquainted with hotel management features such as channel managers, having used another system’s channel manager before relying completely on Little Hotelier.

Dego said that his property have tried three to four various channel manager features from other hotel software providers.

“The majority of the ones we used often encountered a crash in the system. We were especially worried about the impact on inventory updates,” he said. “It was worrying because we used these systems to make things easier and more practical.”

According to Dego, the error in updating inventory is the biggest factor that makes Nutana reluctant to extend partnerships with other hotel management system providers.

“The point is, the old systems we used often caused setbacks especially for walk-in reservations. The inventory was not updated at all and this happened often,” he emphasised.

Apart from that, Dego also had security concerns. This concern emerged because before using Little Hotelier, he had to submit all credentials for the online travel agent (OTA) to staff from a third party.

Handling high occupancy with reliability

Needing to reduce issues related to room allotment using a smoother system that’s easy to navigate, Nutana Hotel Lombok switched to Little Hotelier’s property management system.

Dego explained that his property now enjoys the benefits of a number of Little Hotelier features such as the channel manager and booking engine.

After entrusting Little Hotelier, Nutana Hotel Lombok is no longer overwhelmed with room allotment complications. This is especially essential to deliver high demands of the high season.

“Right now the average occupancy has reached 70%, and thankfully, so far we have never encountered any issues related to allotment updates,” he said.

Furthermore, he explained that thanks to Little Hotelier, all online room reservations are automatically recorded, and walk-in reservations are input into the system swiftly without any problems.

“When we used the previous systems, we input the data but it wasn’t updated when we tried to save them,” Dego complained.

According to Dego, switching to the system and features offered by Little Hotelier was the ideal solution, especially when Lombok was preparing to host MotoGP Mandalika, an international motorcycle road racing events that attracts a huge number of local & global tourists.

Thank you for relying on Little Hotelier, we hope Nutana Hotel Lombok continues to grow!

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