For travellers looking for a quiet holiday destination away from the crowd, Tiu Oasis is a destination of choice. Located in Kuta, Lombok, this idyllic property is perfectly located less than 13 km from Lombok International Airport and only a 19-minute walk from Kuta Beach.

Tiu Oasis prioritises design and architectural elements to ensure guest comfort. The resort upholds a semi-private concept and has five room units which are divided into two types, luxury bungalows and private villas. Tiu Oasis is also equipped with a number of exclusive facilities such as a private pool, garden, terrace, main pool, bar and small restaurant which can accommodate breakfast and lunch.

Up and running since March 2022, this accommodation has become a favourite destination for those vacationing with family, as well as couples who want to enjoy privacy in a romantic ambience.

Manual work was hindering operations

When it first opened its doors, Tiu Oasis relied heavily on manual methods to get things done behind the scenes. 

Zarkasi Muhamad, Manager of Tiu Oasis Lombok, said that his property was hampered by a number of operational problems as a result of manual processes.

“Our challenges were definitely [caused by] manual input, including the need to do our reporting manually at that time,” he explained.

The issues that arose due to manual work also expanded to connectivity with online travel agents (OTA).

“We had to monitor the OTAs one by one, which was difficult,” Zarkasi continued. “Everything had to be done manually.”

Distractions eliminated, improvements made

Tiu Oasis was able to finally abandon manual work after investing in Little Hotelier’s property management software.

Zarkasi said Tiu Oasis currently utilises a number of Little Hotelier’s features including the front desk system, channel manager, and direct booking engine.

“Right after using Little Hotelier, monthly reports became much simpler to manage,” he said.

Apart from that, Zarkasi also praised the ease of use and navigation of Little Hotelier’s front desk system.

“It’s extremely simple and we can manage it from our mobile phone too via the app. When I’m at home, I can easily monitor things from my phone,” he added. “We can also link the channel manager. Regarding [room] availability, it is also set automatically, so when a booking comes in, we don’t have to manually input it.”

However, among the features used, Tiu Oasis has experienced the most advancements due to Little Hotelier’s online booking engine. Zarkasi stated that there has been an increase in occupancy and direct bookings via Tiu Oasis’ website since relying on Little Hotelier.

“Direct bookings increased around 35% after using Little Hotelier,” he said. “This is because it is possible for guests to make payments directly when booking a room from our website.”

Thank you for the kind words and congratulations on your results. Little Hotelier is honoured to be part of Tiu Oasis’ success!

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