The Falcon at Hatton

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The Falcon at Hatton achieves an occupancy rate upwards of 80% with Little Hotelier’s all-in-one hotel reservation system

The Falcon at Hatton is perfectly located for discovering Shakespeare’s country and historic towns. Hatton is
a short jaunt away from Warwick, Royal Leamington Spa and Stratford upon Avon. The rustic property boasts 8 comfortable rooms as part of a converted barn and annexe building, which offers a place to stay with a mix of twin and double rooms.

Jason Shadlock is the Owner-Operator of the property, and he manages its daily operations.

I chose Little Hotelier because of its functionality, and its efficiencies on labour and management, as well as being able to connect us to third party sites to increase exposure and booking potential.

The Challenge

While Jason catered to a regular flow of business and leisure travellers, he soon found that the way he was managing his reservations could be improved.

He was manually managing his room inventory across several bed banks, and it was cutting into the time he was spending with his guests.

“I needed a system that did all the hard work of connecting my availability to bed banks, so that I could concentrate on my guests when they arrive.”

Jason began to look for a system that worked for his small property.

His requirements were;

A secure cloud based system.

“I wanted a cloud based system so that I knew it would be protected from the threats of a normal desktop, including crashes and viruses. I wanted to offload PII and PCI compliance to a third party.”

A system that was intuitive and easy to use.

“The software had to be robust and reliable enough to have all bookings via bed banks be automated, rather than having to manage via email confirmations and third party management centres.”

“I wanted a system whereby as soon as we got a call our staff knew exactly what was available and when. All without having to check for new bookings on email first. We would have the ability to inform the customer immediately and if needed, take the booking over the phone, securing it with a card number.”

A system that expanded their online distribution.

“We wanted a system that could connect to various distributors and channels, increasing revenues and occupancy rates.”,

The Solution

After searching far and wide, Jason settled on Little Hotelier to manage accommodation at The Falcon.,

The Results

Little Hotelier has helped Jason increase revenue at The Falcon.

“With Little Hotelier, I am now benchmarking pricing against our local competitors and bulk updating rates, which is now increasing our hotel revenue.”

In fact, Jason has seen their occupancy rates skyrocket.

“Since us switching on Little Hotelier, our hotel has gone from zero to hero, achieving well over 80% occupancy, and we are not in the summer yet.”

The Falcon is also able to compete with large hotels and estates locally, and capture an international opportunity with the help of Little Hotelier.

The automation provided by Little Hotelier gives Jason the ability to spend time on other things.

“I have more time to focus on the things that matter to a new business, like cost control and marketing.”

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