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Point Villas improves guest acquisition with commission-free Little Hotelier system

The Point Villas is an award winning private luxury estate located on the northern shores of New Zealand’s spectacular Lake Taupo.

Located in the centre of the North Island, guests enjoy a wide range of activities while discovering the beauty of New Zealand’s largest lake at their doorstep.

Peg Bull is the owner of The Point Villas, and she runs it on a day to day basis.

It used to take me quite some time to manually update OTAs and third party websites. Now, Little Hotelier does it for me, so it’s very easy. If a guest wants to amend their booking I can go in, find the reservation, change the date, and click save – I don’t have to re-do it because it’s integrated. That’s the value of Little Hotelier. The system is well thought through.

The Challenge

While the property has been in operation for over a decade, Peg only decided take the reigns 4 years ago.

At this point, Peg ended the arrangement with the company that used to manage her bookings. She also had to replace the booking system being used, as it was closing down.,

The Solution

Peg recognised the value of having a high quality reservation system in place to manage her room bookings, and immediately began looking for an all-in-one front desk system.

“We’re a very small property so in looking for a replacement, we needed something that was simple, easy and affordable.”

One of her industry peers recommended Little Hotelier.

“A boutique hotel suggested that I try Little Hotelier, and after speaking to the team, I decided join up.”

With Little Hotelier, Peg has seen an increase in bookings.

“I have seen an increase in bookings since using Little Hotelier. I believe it’s easier for our customers to book, so we are booked more in advance, and getting more direct bookings.”

In fact, Little Hotelier manages most of her bookings.

“The majority of my bookings are coming through Little Hotelier – both direct and through OTAs.”

The Point Villas is able to sell through more distribution channels than ever before because of Little Hotelier’s channel manager.

“We weren’t linked to a lot of OTAs before, but since we put Little Hotelier in, we added more.”

Peg is also spending less time on administrative tasks.

“Time is always precious, so being able to quickly go in and check something is very important.”

In particular, inventory management is much quicker with Little Hotelier.

The Point Villas is able to keep more of their profits thanks to the way Little Hotelier is priced.

“I have definitely saved money using Little Hotelier, because our past reservation system was commission based.”

Peg believes Little Hotelier has significantly improved The Point Villas for the better.

“Little Hotelier has given us more reservations, saved us time, and helped to raised awareness of our brand.”

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