La Dama del Porto is a family-run boutique hotel overlooking Lake Maggiore in Laveno Mombello. Located in a protected area in the historical center of Cerro and just a few meters from the beach, the property opened in April 2022 after being completely renovated. The boutique hotel offers five bright rooms furnished in a minimalist style with Made in Italy fabrics and finishes chosen for their quality and to enhance comfort and relaxation during the stay. Its guests can savor a cozy atmosphere, fully experience the beauty and nature of the area and enjoy typical local dishes with a modern twist. La Dama del Porto features a restaurant open for lunch and dinner, offering creative cuisine inspired by local traditions and seasonal ingredients.

Communication, services, and availability, the three cornerstones of the boutique hotel

“La Dama del Porto was born from the idea of creating a unique place for our guests where they can feel at home. For us, offering quality services and a personalized experience is essential and the foundation of our project,” said Matteo Marocco, General Manager at La Dama del Porto. “We believe that taking care of our guests is crucial to ensuring an excellent stay experience, which is why we focus on three key points: communication, smiles, and availability. We assist guests in making the most of their stay by recommending local services and places to visit. To complete the stay and the discovery of the territory, we offer an enogastronomic experience, providing a restaurant service to try our cuisine with a menu made from typical local products. For us, details are essential. We pay particular attention to communication from the moment of booking. Guests are informed about the services of our boutique hotel right from the start. This transparency has allowed us to receive many positive feedback and a tendency to rebook with us even for subsequent periods”.

Integration of channels to manage bookings

Even before opening, La Dama del Porto focused on its online presence, activating its own website, and positioning itself on several OTAs. This allowed the property to start receiving bookings from the very first day of operation. The boutique hotel boasts an international clientele; guests mainly come from Germany, Belgium, and France, while the last year has seen an increase in bookings from the United Kingdom. While OTAs played a crucial role for La Dama del Porto, initially, over time, the property has experienced a rise in direct bookings.

“We understood from the outset that we needed a website to start collecting bookings even before we opened the property, as well as a platform to manage direct and OTA bookings. At that time, we were living in Denmark and tested different platforms, including Danish, Italian, and international options. We found Little Hotelier to be the best solution for us, thanks to its simple, intuitive, and modern interface”.

Little Hotelier is the all-in-one hotel management software dedicated to small-sized properties, ensuring a strong presence on channels frequented by potential guests. With Little Hotelier, channels update in minutes, allowing hoteliers to handle administrative tasks with ease.

Everything is under control thanks to the app

“One of the most significant advantages we have experienced with Little Hotelier is the ability to have everything under control and at our fingertips through the app. The app provides us quick access to room availability, allowing us to adjust prices in just a few seconds, from anywhere, even when we are not on the premises. This way, we can ensure an immediate response to our guests’ requests without having to turn on the PC”. continued Matteo Marocco.

Onboarding and customer support for continuous improvement

La Dama del Porto has had the opportunity to positively test the customer support and has emphasized the extreme ease of use of the software.

“We find the interface of Little Hotelier very intuitive, modern, and aesthetically pleasing. This allows us to streamline daily activities and focus on our guests. With Little Hotelier, we have found a valuable partner to entrust our online presence and effective support from the team since the onboarding phase”.

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