When travelling, we intuitively look for accommodations that make us feel at home. This level of comfort is something guests can easily find by staying at Raintree Boutique Villa & Gallery. Located at Jalan Melati Wetan no.42, Gondokusuman, Baciro, Yogyakarta, this hotel has been running since 2017 and offers six rooms with a variety of four different room types.

Decorated with teak and bamboo accents, this villa is designed to resemble a traditional Javanese house, namely the Joglo. A haven for tourists coming with their families or as a couple, Raintree Boutique Villa & Gallery offers a myriad of facilities such as Maximilian Restaurant (German-Indonesian Food), Wi-Fi, access to a swimming pool, art gallery, and staff that greet guests with the famous Jogja friendliness. 

Reservation management concerns under a manual system

This boutique villa prioritises guest privacy alongside providing personal service, so it’s no surprise to know that Raintree Boutique Villa & Gallery is one of the main destinations for those travelling to Yogyakarta.

However, high demand is only a joy if it’s balanced by an adequate system to manage it. The difficulty related to manual reservation management is faced by many hotels and it also used to haunt Raintree Boutique Villa & Gallery.

“We accept reservations through Online Travel Agents (OTA). Often, we have to double check each OTA extranet by manually opening and closing it,” said Holiness Happy Kurniawan (Holi), the Assistant Operational Manager of Raintree Boutique Villa & Gallery.

Furthermore, Holi explained that the hassle of this manual check needs to be done in order to avoid double bookings or room overbookings. 

“Our property purely uses a manual system. Whenever a reservation is made, we’ll input it directly into our manual log,” he continued.

While he was digging for answers to overcome the managing reservation system issue, a colleague recommended Little Hotelier. After using Little Hotelier, he admits that Raintree Boutique Villa & Gallery no longer needs to struggle with its former concerns of managing reservations  and room rates.

“Our room management has clearly improved,” he declared. “When a room is booked, the system will automatically close the room allotment, making it easier for us to monitor and increase the selling price when there is high demand.”

He pointed out that Little Hotelier had also succeeded in reducing stress in reducing double bookings or overbooking rooms.

Moreover, Holi revealed that since relying on Little Hotelier, Raintree Boutique Villa & Gallery can effortlessly monitor all OTA channels on a single dashboard using the Front Desk feature. Due to the assistance used, it’s no wonder this property has also seen an increase in bookings.

“Since using Little Hotelier, there has been an increase of about 30% in bookings,” he continued.

Not only in terms of reservation management, Little Hotelier’s features helped him establish a more personal relationship with guests through the Email Notification automation feature. This particular feature is in line with Raintree Boutique Villa & Gallery’s mission which prioritises the guest experience, and wants them to feel more comfortable through personalised service.

Convenience that boosts work efficiency

Holi considers Little Hotelier helps provide convenience for managers of lodging accommodation services, especially for small properties.

“This kind of convenience makes businesses run more effectively and efficiently,” he explained.

Additionally, efficiency could be achieved because hotel managers did not only focus on the process of arranging room sales in each OTA channel. Little Hotelier’s features help hotel managers split focus on other operational matters that are no less important.

“I can do many things in a more efficient time, reduce conflicting orders and reduce problems due to human error,” he concluded.

Thank you, Raintree Boutique Villa & Gallery. Good luck and keep moving forward!

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