SoloQui is a bed & breakfast located in the Venetian countryside, operating since 2019. It offers two bright double rooms and a suite consisting of a double room and a living room. All rooms are equipped with a private bathroom and every comfort. SoloQui is strategically located to reach Treviso, Padua and Venice in only 30 minutes by car. Here, guests can enjoy a truly cosy and familiar atmosphere and fully experience the Italian culture. Relaxation is guaranteed by the idyllic landscape that surrounds the property, including a 30,000 sqm garden and a swimming pool, available during the summer. Inside the park there are two natural ponds with fishes and turtles, a small vineyard, and a jogging track. The bed & breakfast also has a small apiary that produces the honey offered during breakfast. 

The focus of SoloQui B&B: To welcome and take care of the guests

“Offering quality services has always been a key point for us, that is why we focus on customer relations”, said Elisa Giusto, owner of SoloQui B&B.

“We believe the human component has an impact on the stay and the overall experience; therefore, we think that welcoming and taking care of guests is a priority. Our aim is to welcome them in the best possible way. Self-check-ins are also available, especially if guests arrive at a different time from the scheduled one, but we try to give priority to a classic welcome. Since opening, we’ opted for a technological system’ve been using technology to guarantee the highest quality of service and save time to dedicate to our guests”.

Channel automation and integration to manage different bookings

Since it started operating, SoloQui B&B has focused on building an online presence, and is available on several OTAs. Hence the need for a solution dedicated to small properties to simplify and improve daily operations, integrate all channels, and reduce overbookings and human errors.

“Even though SoloQui B&B has only three rooms, we realised that, to avoid overbooking and misunderstandings, we would need a system to automatically manage both bookings and automated communications to guests. In this way, we can provide them with all the necessary information before the arrival, concentrating the reception efforts”. 

Little Hotelier is the all-in-one hotel management software dedicated to small businesses, ensuring visibility on the most visited channels and direct bookings, thus lowering commissions and increasing bookings. With Little Hotelier, all the channels update automatically, allowing properties to process administrative functions easily. It even has a mobile app!

“Our clients are purely international. Word of mouth is important, but it is also necessary to be highly visible on the channels used by our target audience. As we manage 70% of bookings via external channels, we needed a tool that optimises the flow of bookings and channel management. All of this is possible thanks to Little Hotelier”.

Direct bookings in a few clicks

The owners of SoloQui B&B also realised how important it was to have a website that showed the facility outside the OTAs and offered the possibility to book directly. SoloQui B&B entrusted Little Hotelier with the creation of its website and the implementation of a booking engine, the solution that allows direct bookings from the property’s website. Thanks to this tool, guests can book directly with a few simple clicks.

“With the booking engine, we guarantee guests all the simplicity offered by OTAs with lower accommodation costs. Direct booking has a double advantage: on the one hand, guests can find ad-hoc offers and favorable prices, on the other hand, as a business, we save on commissions,” said Elisa.

Simplified booking management via app  

Thanks to Little Hotelier, SoloQui B&B experienced several benefits. Besides simplifying management operations, the solution optimised the flow of bookings that can be now monitored also on mobile devices. This resulted in more time available for taking care of guests and ensuring an optimal user experience. “The app is fundamental and strategic. We don’t have a big team of staff and a 24-hour reception, but thanks to the Little Hotelier app we are able to respond quickly to all guests requests from anywhere”. 

“With Little Hotelier, we not only found the tools we needed to do our job at its best, but also effective support from the team, which provides the assistance we need. In short, it’s like having extra staff at your disposal”.

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