Paradise Garage Komodo is located in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara, near Komodo National Park. More than a year into operation, the private luxury villa with seven bedrooms not only displays the exquisite coast of Labuan Bajo, but Paradise Garage Komodo is also facilitated with a private swimming pool, wifi, shuttle car, in-house bar, and more. In most cases, the guests come from corporate groups, independent groups, and families.

It’s one thing to own a beautiful villa, with easy access, breathtaking views, and that is surrounded by tons of adventures. But the challenge is being able to maximise online bookings. Not an easy challenge to solve when it’s manually managed. Clunky ways of working, wasted time, and overbookings are all problems that can occur.

However, those struggles are no longer experienced by Paradise Garage Komodo.

Time-consuming manual work a thing of the past

At the start of its operation, Paradise Garage Komodo had problems in updating room rates and availability on online travel agents.

“Everything needed to be done manually, and updating those things one by one on each channel consumes a lot of time and was difficult for us,” admits Manik Martina, Manager of Paradise Garage Komodo.

Later on, Manik was introduced to Little Hotelier and decided to give it a try. Ever since using Little Hotelier as a channel manager & to handle reservations, Paradise Garage Komodo has been able to automate the updating of room rates and availability on online travel agents in real-time -so no more manual work. Mistakes due to human error can also now be avoided.

Furthermore, Little Hotelier helps Paradise Garage Komodo limit overbooking.

“Up to today, we have never experienced overbooking after using Little Hotelier. The system works promptly to update available rooms on online travel agents,” says Manik Martina.

By using Little Hotelier, Manik admits she and her team can do a lot of things with more efficient time. Besides, she claims to see the villa’s revenue increase. Her job as the villa manager also feels fun and easy.

Thank you Paradise Garage Komodo! Good luck to you!

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