Limasan Villa Langkawi is a Malaysian paradise which has been attracting guests who seek modern luxury for the past five years.

Inspired by Japanese architecture and Indonesian culture, the gorgeous villa is expertly run by General Manager Wan Fikrie

Little Hotelier spoke with Wan about the property’s goals and the need to utilise market-leading software.

Guest experience and a holistic management approach

To ensure guest experience is memorable, Limasan Villa combines personalised service, superior cleanliness and locally-inspired activities. Often guest expectations are exceeded and they are always impressed by the dedication to hospitality.

Attracting guests relies on a holistic approach including a strong online presence, targeted marketing, and partnerships.

However, to make this process easy and effective, Wan and the team required the help of technology.

Little Hotelier’s role in streamlining operations

After subscribing to Little Hotelier’s leading software, Limasan Villa was soon up and running with crucial features such as the front desk system, channel manager, and business intelligence. This allowed the property to become more efficient, more competitive, and more successful day-to-day.

“Little Hotelier is a fantastic platform designed specifically for small independent properties. One of the key benefits is being able to easily manage reservations and guest information,” explained Wan.

“The channel manager also allows us to seamlessly distribute our inventory across multiple channels and boost our online visibility. But I think what sets Little Hotelier apart is the insightful analytics feature,” Wan continued.

“Being able to monitor competitors and adjust pricing accordingly is invaluable, since it allows us to stay ahead and maximise revenue.” 

Successive years of business growth

In three years since switching from another provider to join with Little Hotelier, Limasan Villa has seen nothing but success in the form of increased bookings and revenue.

“We’ve seen significant improvements in our booking patterns since our transition,” said Wan.

 “Over the past three years, we have seen a consistent increase in both room nights and revenue. In the first year, we observed an impressive 30% growth, which was further boosted in the second year with a remarkable 50% increase. By the third year, we achieved an astounding 80% growth, further solidifying our confidence in the decision to switch to LittleHotelier.”

Thank you Wan and keep up the great work at Limasan Villa!

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