Sea Breeze Candidasa, located in Bali, is a picturesque property which offers beautiful views overlooking the Lombok Strait. Equipped with two swimming pools and a number of luxury bungalows, this hotel provides the perfect level of comfort and atmosphere for visitors.

Founded in 2012, Sea Breeze has 21 rooms which adopt a cottage-style design concept. Besides the beautiful swimming pools, there are other complementary facilities such as a restaurant, beach front, and even a yoga deck.

Visitors can also partake in cooking and painting classes, or relax with a meditation session to create the ultimate relaxing holiday experience.

Challenged by guest and reservation management

Ida Bagus Widana, Director of Operations at Seabreeze Hotel Candidasa, admitted that his hotel was overwhelmed by managing the flow of guests.

“It can get really complicated with seven different types of rooms,” he said. 

Furthermore, Widana explained operations were disrupted due to manual performance.

“We had to update them by manually opening and closing the inventory each time,” he explained.

Not only was this frustrating and mind-numbing but it exhausted precious time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Speed and efficiency through hotel software

To overcome the operational obstacles they were facing, the team at Sea Breeze Candidasa invested in Little Hotelier during 2022.

Apart from the initial adoption of channel manager and direct booking features, Sea Breeze Candidasa now utilises Little Hotelier’s front desk system to manage the property.

With this combination of features, the property is able to automate inventory and reservation management, take more direct bookings online, and have greater control over day-to-day operations.

“Little Hotelier really helped us in terms of handling booking and managing reservations,” Widana said.

Thanks to Little Hotelier’s support, Sea Breeze Candidasa’s occupancy rate has also increased.

“Little Hotelier’s solutions help us work faster and more efficiently,” he continued. “And Little Hotelier has also been very helpful in increasing occupancy.”

Thank you Sea Breeze Candidasa and we look forward to our continued journey together!

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