Located only 150 metres from Mushroom Bay Beach in Lembongan, Castaway Boutique Resort is an accommodation that offers invaluable comfort and privacy.

Operating since 2014, the resort provides a number of complementary facilities such as television, air conditioning, outdoor swimming pool and free Wi-Fi access throughout.

Guests staying in one of the five luxury villas will enjoy their choice between the tranquillity of relaxing at the property or the fun of activities such as cycling, fishing, and hiking.

In short, Castaway Resort is the perfect place for those who want to get “off the grid”, the ultimate go-to for those looking for a home away from home.

Manual work causing booking difficulties

In the early days of the business, the Castaway Resort team often encountered problems when managing bookings.

“Before using Little Hotelier, our bookings were a mess because of slow, manual, data entry. Double bookings often occurred,” Dewa Arsana, Property Manager of Castaway Resort, explained.

Image of Castaway Resort

With the operations of the property heavily relying on manual methods of management, problems were almost inevitable.

“Using manual input, there will surely be [double bookings],” he continued.

Using software to overcome obstacles efficiently

Since switching to Little Hotelier, Castaway Resort is no longer burdened by its former issues.

“To be honest, Little Hotelier is extremely helpful in minimising double bookings,” Dewa said.

In addition to eliminating disruptions due to double bookings, Little Hotelier’s channel manager enabled Castaway Resort to increase occupancy.

“With Little Hotelier’s help, it is very easy for us to get more bookings,” he explained.

Castaway Resort also relies on Little Hotelier’s front desk system (property management system) to keep the business running smoothly day-to-day. Dewa said that he and his staff have never experienced difficulties operating Little Hotelier’s features.

“Little Hotelier’s features are great and, frankly, we didn’t run into any obstacles at all.”

Committed to continuing to innovate and develop, Castaway Resort is currently carrying out renovations to improve the quality of facilities. After tasting success thanks to Little Hotelier, Dewa plans to utilise its other features too.

“I have also been offered many other platforms like this, but we’ll stick with Little Hotelier,” he stressed. “It’s simple and we already know the system so we don’t see the need to switch.”

Little Hotelier wishes Castaway Resort all the best in the future!

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