Firecastle is not so much an accommodation provider, but a haven for visitors that encompasses a cafe, bakery, grocer, delicatessen, gift store, and 10 charming guest rooms.

Located in Kildare, Ireland, Firecastle is a food lover’s dream destination and the beautiful boutique guest rooms with high ceilings and rich decorations allow everyone to enjoy it in comfort.

After almost three years as an existing Little Hotelier customer, we recently spoke to Ciara Sexton, Group Sales & Marketing Manager, about how Little Hotelier’s Guest Engagement feature has been able to drive new success for the business.

Lack of physical front desk supplemented by digital communication

With modern guests now always hungry for information and personalised services, it’s a challenge for accommodation providers to deliver on these expectations.

Technology can help facilitate guest satisfaction in a few ways. A property equipped with a front desk system will stand in good stead.

But other, more specific, features can also fill in any gaps, as Firecastle learned by implementing Little Hotelier’s all-in-one solution and adding the Guest Engagement feature.

“We do not have a physical front desk so using Little Hotelier’s guest engagement feature is an easy way for guests to book add-ons and find information about the property, their rooms, and other services we may offer,” Ciara explained.

The result is that guests feel informed, and therefore more enthusiastic and satisfied, with their stay.


Strengthened relationships and boosted revenue

With the ability to communicate with guests in a more personal and direct way, Firecastle has been able to please more customers and improve its vital bottom line.

“I wouldn’t say we have saved time or resources, but we have certainly improved the experience for our guests and our ability to communicate effectively with them,” Ciara said.

The most valuable feature of Guest Engagement for us is the ability to upsell for additional revenue. This helps us meet our goals and reduces pressure on our operating budget.”

Firecastle is also utilising Little Hotelier’s metasearch and payment features. Metasearch is allowing the property to be more visible in places like Google Hotel Ads and Trivago, with bookings coming directly to Firecastle so the team can own the guest relationship.

Meanwhile the payments solution is making it easy for both host and guests to complete payments, refunds, and settlements. It also helps Firecastle maintain a healthy cash flow thanks to fast, automated processing.

“We’re very happy with the service provided by Little Hotelier,” Ciara finished.

Thank you, Ciara, for your kind words and we wish Firecastle all the best in the future!

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