Sumatra Surf Camp

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Surf camp saves time and improves business processes with Little Hotelier

Sumatra Surf Camp is the perfect location for keen surfers, who will appreciate the 200m long waves that front the property. Located on the stunning west coast of Sumatra just south of Krui, Sumatra Surf Camp is locally designed, featuring 11 twin-share and 3 Queen bungalows, where up to 28 guests can comfortably settle into the natural beauty Indonesia has to offer.

Owner Michael Maxwell operates the resort remotely. His trusty management team are responsible for the day-to-day management of the guests, ensuring they receive the best experience possible, including; the maintenance of hire gear, managing reservations, providing wholesome meals three times a day, and providing transport for guest pick-ups.

We were up and running in no time at all. The process was quite simple and the support team guided me through every step of the process. I looked at other software providers and found Little Hotelier was the easiest to use.

The Challenge

When Michael opened the resort in 2014, he reasoned it would be easy to manage the reservations and bookingsfor only 14 rooms.

However, Michael quickly realised even with a small number of rooms – without the technology to help – this was no easy task. Not only that, there was no automatic integration into Michael’s calendar when he accepted a booking which made things even harder.

“It was very difficult manually processing bookings. Keeping a manual calendar was also difficult and tricky.”

Michael knew it was imperative that he find a solution because the consequences could be dire for a small property without it.

“If I didn’t do anything about it, I think I would have less hair and less customers! We found we were losing bookings due to the time involved and manual process.”,

The Solution

Sumatra Surf Camp was in need of an easy-to-use and fully integrated booking system. After googling hotel booking engines, Michael found Little Hotelier, taking into account his requirements.

“I was attracted to Little Hotelier because it was suitable for our size and operation.”

After the free trial Michael decided Little Hotelier would be perfect for his resort, finding the adoption of Little Hotelier a pleasantly painless experience.,

The Results

Little Hotelier was able to alleviate all of Michael’s former headaches. With the booking engine, manual entries were no longer necessary for reservations, and all of the guest’s data was stored automatically and safely. Michael now had time to focus on other things.

“The time saving is enormous as Little Hotelier does virtually everything for me. I’m saving a lot of time as I don’t have to manually process bookings. We used to use Excel spreadsheets which was really difficult, now we can just log in with no need to download booking sheets.”

He’s now able to process guest payments a lot easier with the automatic booking and payment system, with the mobile booking engine performing well compared to other systems.

“I’ve noticed we get fewer customer emails about how to book and pay and I’d say this is due to the mobile booking engine opening up easily. Finding bookings and managing them is now a breeze.”

He’s also found almost all day-to-day management can be done remotely in Little Hotelier; Michael easily processes invoices, and creates new Extras like transport, packages, and lessons.

“It’s a big big plus. I’m so glad we chose Little Hotelier for our property. It is perfect for businesses our size and really easy to work with.”

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