Stone Court House, owned by Dr Belinda Demirbasa and her family, is a luxury boutique hotel known for its home-like ambiance and exceptional guest experience.  The outstanding residence offers a truly one-of-a-kind experience, combining luxury with a fascinating journey through centuries of heritage in the UK town of Maidstone.

Stone Court House takes pride in meeting new guests and ensuring their stay is unforgettable. The hotel’s attention to cleanliness and comfort has earned it excellent reviews on, TripAdvisor, Google, and Expedia.

Streamlining operations and elevating the guest experience

Prior to adopting Little Hotelier, the accommodation struggled with a previous provider that was challenging to use. It had numerous unsuitable features for small establishments, incurred high costs, and had a support team difficult to access due to its international location. However, Stone Court House found a straightforward solution in Little Hotelier, which offered a user-friendly platform equipped with easy-to-understand and implement tools, along with a local presence for better support.

Saban, the manager, stated: “We were seeking a user-friendly solution with a local presence, so in case of any issues, we could directly communicate with the team. Little Hotelier had precisely what we needed. Moreover, it allows me to maintain control and have a clear overview of all bookings through the channel manager, regardless of their source.”

When asked about his experience with connecting to OTAs, Saban expressed that “It’s remarkably simple. Once you have registered with a new OTA, simply locate the OTA on the channel manager and control your rooms. It’s a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few simple steps.”

“Little Hotelier made life so much easier. Before joining, I must admit I was a little apprehensive and concerned about double booking and managing guest relations on time and how much time it would take. Nevertheless, having experienced Little Hotelier firsthand, I am genuinely impressed and now fully confident that everything is within easy reach and well-managed.”

Despite being new to the market, Stone Court House has already witnessed the advantages of adopting Little Hotelier’s solution. The platform empowers them to accomplish more in less time, significantly boosting efficiency and minimising human errors.

The convenience of the Little Hotelier Mobile App

Saban utilises the front desk system to streamline and automate daily operations, freeing up time to enhance the guest experience. Little Hotelier’s mobile app allows proprietors like Saban to easily manage essential tasks from their phone or tablet. This includes checking guests in and out, modifying reservations, and accepting online payments, all from anywhere, anytime.

“Having the App tools on your phone in your hand means you can go out for meetings, out with the family, shopping, etc knowing that if you get a booking you can action guest relations immediately without having to come back to the establishment. Just makes running a hotel so much more efficient and easy.”

With Little Hotelier’s cloud technology, your bookings, customer profiles, and payment statuses are automatically shared and synchronised across all your devices. This ensures that you consistently have access to the most up-to-date information at all times.

Better customer support experience with Little Hotelier

Saban found Little Hotelier met all his requirements and confidently recommends it to fellow property owners:

“Little Hotelier is very easy to use and simple to understand and implement. It is also very robust, I don’t think it has crashed once since we began using the platform over a year ago. It gives you confidence that guest relations will run smoothly and there will be no double bookings or lost messages. Little Hotelier makes life running a small boutique hotel comfortable.”

“Great customer support is fantastic. If I ever come across a problem, there is always someone on the end of the telephone line to help guide you.”

In fact, at Little Hotelier we make it our priority to offer you award-winning 24/7 support through phone, web, and chat. With support teams proficient in 10 languages, we ensure that our assistance is tailored to your particular needs.

Overall, they are delighted with their decision and appreciate the improved efficiency, increased direct bookings, reduced overbookings, and overall positive impact on their daily operations

Little Hotelier remains an essential partner in their journey to deliver exceptional hospitality experiences.

Thank you Stone Court House and keep up the great work!

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