U Residence Krabi Hotel minimises double bookings with Little Hotelier

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For three years, the staff at U Residence Krabi Hotel in Thailand have been striving to provide guests with a premier experience for an affordable cost. Known as a budget-friendly hotel that attracts backpackers and solo travellers looking to explore the world, this property struggled without the right technology in place. Its guests were becoming increasingly tech-savvy and relying on a variety of channels in order to book their rooms, but the staff couldn’t keep up with the continual booking requests and manual updates.

As a result, overbookings became commonplace at this hotel, and it was starting to impact business. Hotel operator Boonchai Prombunjong knew that something had to be done, because double bookings were not only eating away at the profits but they also were driving away travellers. It was time to search for a technology solution that was both affordable and efficient.

Little Hotelier offered a simple, effective solution

Boonchai had previously spoke with a staff member at Little Hotelier, and remembered being impressed with the technology that was available for the 12-room boutique hotel. It was impressive that there was technology available for this niche hotel industry, and to make it even better, the price was right as well.

Channel Manager streamlined the booking process

In no time at all, Boonchai had the Little Hotelier Channel Manager up and running. Now, all the distribution agents the property used were connected through the Channel Manager, enabling real-time updates to rates and availability.

Overbookings Decreased by 90% While Revenue Increased by 60%

Since implementing the Little Hotelier Channel Manager a year ago, things have changed drastically at the hotel.

“The main priority was to eliminate overbooking,” Boonchai said. “Things are much better. We have about 90% less double-bookings.”

In addition to virtually eliminating the issue of overbooking the rooms at the hotel, Boonchai also has noticed an increase in bookings and subsequently an increase in revenue. Guests and agents alike are comfortable using the technology that’s in place, and it has had a direct impact on their experience with the hotel brand.

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