What is Expedia Partner Central? 

Expedia Partner Central is a tool that allows hoteliers to manage listings across the Expedia Group’s online booking websites. This means that Partner Central can be used to access hotel listings on Expedia, Hotels.com, Vrbo, Travelocity, Hotwire.com, Orbitz, Ebookers, Wotif, and Trivago.

As an Expedia hotel partner, The Expedia Group Partner Central (or to use Booking.com’s term, the Expedia extranet) will form the main channel through which you manage your presence across Expedia booking channels. You can tweak price and availability, you can improve the look and performance of your listings, and you can maximise your visibility on each of the OTAs you’ll be displayed on.

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Why do hosts join Expedia Partner Central?

Expedia Group is a global leader in online travel bookings that is behind only Booking.com in terms of size. With the group’s 200+ sites bringing in over 112 million unique visitors every month, it’s little wonder why so many accommodation providers have chosen to become Expedia partners.

The Expedia Partner Central extranet itself is a compelling reason to join. It’s a clever and capable tool that even inexperienced hoteliers can pick up relatively easily, although a channel manager may be a better listing management solution if you also utilise non-Expedia OTAs, like Booking.com and Airbnb.

expedia partner central
Expedia Partner Central: How to log in the Expedia extranet

How do I become an Expedia partner?

It’s easy to join Expedia Partner Central and begin listing your hotel across their sites. Almost any type of accommodation provider can join, including private vacation rental owners. If you own or run a hotel, hostel, B&B or inn, Expedia can be one of the most important booking channels you have at your disposal.

It should also be noted that not all Expedia partnerships are with accommodation providers. Agents, tour guides, transport companies and other travel professionals can offer their services through the group, and an Expedia hotel login will be different to an Expedia travel agent login, which will be different again to an Expedia local expert registration.

Let’s take a closer look at the specific steps to becoming an Expedia Partner and logging into the Expedia partner extranet for the first time.

How to log in to Expedia Extranet

The Expedia Partner Central login process is quite simple, but you’ll first need to create an account by completing the Expedia Partner Central sign up process. Simply follow the five steps below to do both.

Step 1: Tell Expedia about your property

Go to the Expedia Group homepage and click on ‘List your property’. Follow the prompts to give Expedia all the initial information it needs, such as your address, the type of property you’re listing, the number of rooms and your contact details.

Step 2: Sign into your Expedia account

You’ll soon be asked to verify your email, which will be used to set up an Expedia account. Here you’ll review Expedia’s terms and conditions, including commission fees, and will be asked to provide all the necessary legal, tax and regulatory information that might apply in your area.

Step 3: Create your listing

Now it’s time to add the all important detail to your listing. You need to include everything a guest needs to know about your rooms, on-site amenities, rates and availability. Add your policies, from reception hours to pet friendliness. Include beautiful photography that puts your hotel in the best possible light.

Step 4: Go live

When you’ve completed your listing, you can go live and begin to accept guests.

Step 5: Log into Expedia Partner Central

Once your listing is live, you can manage it more effectively through Expedia Partner Central. The Expedia Partner Central admin login is the same email and password as you used for the Expedia account log in above, so head to the Partner Central portal and key in those details. From there, you can refine and optimise your listing to fully capitalise on the opportunities that Expedia Group offers.

Expedia Partner Central: should you join?

While Expedia Partner Central is a useful tool, it does have its limitations. As a proprietary tool, it only grants you access to Expedia’s suite of brands. But most hoteliers will cast a far wider net in terms of booking channels, including Booking.com, Airbnb, metasearch engines and direct website bookings.

Expedia Partner Central is unable to bring all these booking channels together in one place. This means that you’ll need to find your Expedia owner login, navigate to Partner Central and sign in as your Expedia extranet admin every time you want to manage your Expedia listings, and follow a similar process for all your other, non-Expedia channels.

But there is another way.

By Dean Elphick

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