How to Master Social Media for Your Bed & Breakfast

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There needs to be more to your social media marketing campaign than simply creating a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page for your bed and breakfast and uploading a few photos every now and then.

You need to engage your customers, encourage them to share your posts and make an effort to go viral. Only then will you be able to attract new guests through your social profiles.

Here’s how your bed and breakfast can interact with travelers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


84% of professionals in the travel and tourism industry use Facebook to promote their businesses (Source).

Your Facebook page will not replace your hotel website, but it’s the perfect complement. Instead of just providing basic information about your accommodations, you can…

Update your page regularly

Post interesting facts, recent photographs and endearing local stories that will engage your audience.

The goal is to get people liking your posts, and commenting on your page. Start the conversation, and watch your business continue to grow.

Build reviews

Past guests can recommend you via Facebook’s star rating system.

Chalet Les Fermes des Petite Frasses has good reviews from past guests, directly viewable from their Facebook page:


To set up your Reviews tab, click here.

Collect email addresses

Using a Facebook email signup tab, you will be able to capture email addresses directly from your Facebook page.

What are they signing up to? Your newsletter that details all of the promotions you have going on!

Click here to add the email signup tab to your Facebook page.

Run events

Use Facebook to get the word out about your promotional events!

Eventbrite offers a Facebook app that allows people to buy tickets straight from your Facebook page.

Click here to use the free Eventbrite app.

Accept reservations

Last but certainly not least, you should allow guests to book in their stay with you directly from your Facebook page.

Make it convenient for potential guests who are browsing your Facebook page to book directly with you.

An intelligent online reservation system like Little Hotelier will already have this capability built into it. You can allow them to book without ever leaving the Facebook site.


Your Instagram small hotel is critical to your social media campaign. This is a social networking site dedicated entirely to photographs.

Get creative, and showcase different aspects of your bed and breakfast.

A detail shot of a breakfast table with a vintage filter might generate a lot of activity, or you might want to put one of those fantastic sunsets from the front porch on display.


Even as a small accommodation provider, you can attract guests on Twitter. Create a simple hashtag that is easy to remember, and ask your visitors to use it when they post about their trip.

For example, The Falcon at Hatton share promotional packages via Twitter:


If you’d like to learn more about how you can boost your online presence, download our free ebook:

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