What is the average rating of Little Hotelier reviews?

4.1 is the average 5-star rating of Little Hotelier reviews across top software review sites and online marketplace vendors. Verified reviews about Little Hotelier are mostly found on HotelTechReport (HTR), the world’s leading research platform for hotel technology.

Why are Little Hotelier reviews important?

Little Hotelier reviews are important because they let hotel owners and operators know about the experiences of its users which helps inform their business decisions.

By looking at Little Hotelier reviews, accommodation providers can better determine how the all-in-one system fits their needs and consider trying out the award-winning software for their property.

Examples of Little Hotelier reviews

When searching for Little Hotelier reviews, it’s crucial that they come from verified accounts on trustworthy websites. There are many Little Hotelier reviews across the internet, but we’ve collected the top seven credible online sources:

“Excellent support and functionality” – HotelTechReport

This is the title of one of the latest reviews about Little Hotelier on HotelTechReport, the most trusted global resource that provides information on hotel technology products and services.

The UK-based bed and breakfast host continues, “The technical support is excellent and very proactive which was a very pleasant surprise. The booking engine functions well and so far, we have had no issues with it. Instead of grappling with new software as I usually do, the onboarding team immediately helped me get things up and running and followed up until all issues were resolved. Response time was within one day which is excellent these days.”

HTR’s review verification process makes it a credible source of Little Hotelier reviews. Each user selects one of four different verification options, including professional email, Linkedin profile, recent invoice or a logged in screenshot.

In terms of things that can be improved, the reviewer mentions, “I look forward to being able to automatically collect payments from guests a fixed number of days before arrival (in development apparently). Although I can trigger a payment request manually (which is quite easy) I would prefer to have it taken care of then it’s one less thing to worry about or forget.”

This Little Hotelier review demonstrates how the all-in-one hotel software strives to be a product that grows with its customers so that it’s easier for them to scale their business successfully.

Here are a few more Little Hotelier reviews on HotelTechReport:

“Little Hotelier has proven itself to be the best choice for our business. User friendly, combines all of the features we require for management of bookings, website and reports. Seamless integration of calendar and great support with fast responses from actual people! Little Hotelier puts total control of our business in our hands, saves time and enables us to operate efficiently and effectively. Notifications through the app are fast. Simple to use and definitely worth the investment. Our business would not be the success it is today without Little Hotelier.” – Boutique hotel owner-operator in Australia

“I used two other hotel management software systems before Little Hotelier. The first one was not user friendly and did not have all the features I wanted. The second had great features but it was so hard to set up that I had it for a year and never actually used it. Little Hotelier had fantastic onboarding help, and was easy to set up. It is very user friendly.” – Boutique hotel owner in the USA

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“Simple and still provides everything you need” – Capterra

The president of a US-based inn declares this about Little Hotelier and further states, “It’s outstanding. I’ve literally not had one single problem or one single wish not fulfilled.”

Capterra implements a quality assurance and verification process which involves an identity check, where they find key identifiers such as name, job title, or email address to ensure that the review was left by a real person.

Detailed below are other Little Hotelier reviews on Capterra:

“It’s been great since the outset. Excellent customer service/support. It’s clearly a company that cares about what it does.” – Guest house owner in Canada

  • Pros: Ease of use. Integration with the other apps available. Flexibility of the view in the calendar. The reports and analytics.
  • Cons: Not much. I’m really pleased with the recent upgrades to the mobile app.

“A friend who had been in the hotel industry for many years recommended that we incorporate this software to help manage our online reservations. It was one of the best decisions we have made.” – English country pub owner

  • Pros: It is relatively straightforward to use and is incredibly useful for running our business.
  • Cons: We have not been able to fault anything about this software.

“4.7 out of 5” – FeaturedCustomers

This is the total rating that the world’s leading customer reference platform gave for Little Hotelier. As a neutral third-party resource for B2B (business-to-business) software, FeaturedCustomers aims to help potential buyers research and validate purchasing decisions. Their rating system is based on verified customer references such as reviews, case studies, customer stories, testimonials, and customer videos.

Here are examples of customer reference content featured on the platform which users can access for free:

Little Hotelier reviews example
Little Hotelier reviews on FeaturedCustomers

Since 2019, Little Hotelier has been consecutively recognised as a Top Performer in the Annual Customer Success Report Rankings of FeaturedCustomers. For the past three years, they have been awarding our cloud-based hotel management system with their highest honour, the Market Leader.

Defined as vendors with a substantial customer base and market share, Market Leaders also have the highest ratio of customer reference content, content quality score, and social media presence relative to company size.

Being a consistent Market Leader indicates how a growing number of accommodation providers globally choose Little Hotelier as their trusted hotel technology partner.

“The perfect fit” – GetApp

A US-based bed and breakfast host says this about our easy-to-use property management system (PMS) and further shares, “I can see the reservations for all my booking channels and do reports for my housekeeping and invoicing and can see all the changes to my reservations and it works really well for administration purposes.”

GetApp provides a simpler interface because they primarily focus on software solutions tailored for small and medium-sized businesses. It’s also important to note that they allow individuals to submit software reviews and remain anonymous, but it’s required to use a LinkedIn account so they can appropriately verify the review source.

About Little Hotelier’s points of improvement, the reviewer suggests, “I wish it could automate with my door locking system on my bed and breakfast.” Little Hotelier actually offers an extensive range of integrations via the Hotel App Store, including keyless entry tech providers like OpenKey.

Catch a sneak peek of Little Hotelier reviews on GetApp:

“A big stress reliever. I am no longer double booked and the invoice is already created for me.” – B&B owner-operator in Canada

  • Pros: Little Hotelier has saved me from a lot of stress by preventing Expedia from double booking my rooms. Guests became very angry with me when they had to stay somewhere else. I was upset many times, especially during the 150th anniversary of Canada when we had lots of bookings.
  • Cons: The only thing I don’t like is the extra cost for the Canadian dollar but that is out of your hands.

“Happy customer. Very happy with it.” – Luxury farm stay and boutique accommodation owner in Australia

  • Pros: It’s easy to use and support is great and they explain it well.
  • Cons: I am happy with the software and will continue to use it.

“Security, functionality, and convenience” – Trustpilot

This is the title of one of the most recent Little Hotelier reviews on TrustPilot, created by the co-owner of an AU-based luxury accommodation. The rest of the comprehensive review is as follows:

“As a small venue on a tight budget, I have to do many tasks and need to rely on a booking system that is not just quick to use (freeing up precious time for other jobs), but it needs to be extremely reliable, have high security standards and flexibility.

I have quick access to bookings on my mobile phone, where I can create, amend, cancel bookings, send messages or emails, take payments, check guest notes or extras and more is incredibly convenient.

On the rare occasion I need to contact someone for help, the wait times are short and the staff are patient and helpful. They understand that I am so busy with face-to-face work on a daily basis that what may seem easy to them is not always something I understand. Any questions are welcomed.

The additional features available in the full website version cover off everything I need when in the office.

Upgrades always seem to be useful and work as expected (we’ve all seen bad upgrades from companies that require major fixes). I have the impression they actually ask users what improvements are needed, then test them well before release. Obviously, I am a happy customer.”

Note: The reviewer is absolutely right, we take customer feedback seriously and consider them accordingly in our product roadmap.

Trustpilot is an online review website that doesn’t moderate reviews before they’re posted or let companies pay to remove reviews. While they take pride in their customised fraud detection software that runs 24/7 to combat fake reviews, they also have dedicated experts to protect the platform from fraudulent behaviour.

The following are some Little Hotelier reviews in Trustpilot:

“Overall, I am very satisfied with Little Hotelier. Customer service is very good. The new changes to the mobile app makes life so much easier and quicker with the new format and being able to contact guests directly off the app is a huge bonus. Has saved me so much time.” – Small accommodation provider in the UK

“I’ve been very happy with Little Hotelier, I think it has great value and it’s an ideal tool for our business. The support we have had from the LH team has been great with all issues being resolved quickly.” – Holiday home host in Australia

“Perfect for small hotels and b&bs. The functionality of the system is great for a small hotel, especially the channel manager function. The time saved by coordinating all channels though Little Hotelier is invaluable. Overall, I thought it was a great system. Some tweaks to the system would improve it such as allowing a guest to book multiple rooms at the same time instead of making individual reservations for each room, and changing your children’s settings to allow a minimum and maximum child age.” – 3-star bed and breakfast owner in Spain

Update: As a quick demonstration of our commitment to the success of our customers, we’re happy to announce that both suggestions are already available on Little Hotelier.

Little Hotelier reviews feedback
Little Hotelier reviews: Allow guests to book multiple rooms under one reservation

“Looks good and easy to use” – Software Advice

One of the pros highlighted on Software Advice starts like this and proceeds with, “The software is much better than some of the hack channel managers available.”

Little Hotelier reviews on Software Advice may look similar to the reviews on Capterra and GetApp because they’re different brands of the same subsidiary, Gartner Digital Markets.

Software Advice affirms they source their reviews from a variety of channels while applying a rigorous quality assurance process. They also offer free recommendations, advisory services, and additional research on software solutions for businesses.

Other things people on the renowned online review site say about Little Hotelier:

  • “Easy to use, nice app, great support, and competitive pricing.”
  • “Product is pretty easy to use and fits our needs well.”

“Bookings and profits increased by more than 25%” – Testimonials

John Rennie, Owner of award-winning boutique villas in the Cook Islands (Makayla Palms Rarotonga), shares that Little Hotelier has more than met his expectations. After implementing Little Hotelier into his business model, he has seen both direct bookings and revenue rise by more than 25%. He has also noticed that his staff are able to work more efficiently.

Little Hotelier reviews via customer testimonials:

“Without Little Hotelier, we were not willing to allow as many bookings because it was too much brain drain. The advantage of Little Hotelier is that we can be more fully booked if we want to be. Little Hotelier is great value, it makes our business work better and more seamlessly, and saves us time and effort!” – Mark Zimmer, Owner and Host of a unique, architect-designed home in the USA (Riverhouse)

“There were no problems while installing the technology. It is saving time as an all-in-one solution. There’s less customer grief and no double bookings.” – Nola Bliss, Owner and Manager of a period-style accommodation in Australia (The York Palace)

“We love the Little Hotelier app. It gives us the freedom to take bookings and check availability when we are off-site. Our portable reception can be anywhere—it’s brilliant. Little Hotelier is the best. We have tried many other good PMS’ and Little Hotelier works great, it’s easy to use and very cost-effective. There really is no need to look at other solutions.” – Jonathan Kaye, Operations Director of a luxury stay in the UK (Cedar Manor)

Little Hotelier Review: Is it worth it?

For thousands of small accommodation providers around the world, Little Hotelier is worth it. We’re hoping that this will be your experience as well. By using Little Hotelier, businesses can improve their operations and revenue, with potential increases of up to 46% in bookings and an ROI of 63x! Check pricing options.

By Shine Colcol

Shine is the SEO and Content Manager of Little Hotelier, the all-in-one software solution purpose-built to make the lives of small accommodation providers easier. With more than five years of experience and expertise in content strategy, creation, and management, Shine has produced informational content across various topics, mostly around improving daily operations and increasing business metrics. She aims to share well-researched articles in hopes of helping bed and breakfast owner-operators win more bookings and gain more control of their small property.