How To Engage Guests On Social Media To Increase Return Stays

Travelers today are a tech-savvy bunch who use all of the available resources on the Internet in order to help them finalize their decisions for their upcoming trips.

Social media, in particular, is a powerful force amongst travelers. They gather inspiration from their friends and family members who post pictures from their trips. They are motivated by ads that showcase the best travel deals around the globe.

They use online reviews and feedback from other travelers in order to gain the confidence they need to book with a particular company. This is why it’s pivotal that you create a hotel social media marketing strategy that is designed to engage your guests and encourage guest loyalty for return stays.

Social Media Marketing for Small Hotels and B&Bs

Social media plays a major role in the online booking journey for all types of travelers. Social media is no longer used exclusively by the younger Millennial generation — it’s a pivotal part of daily life for people of all ages.

This requires hotel operators to create and maintain a strong presence on all of the most popular social networking sites, as travelers are looking to these sites for ideas, information, and affirmations as to where they should stay on their next trip.

Social media provides hoteliers with an opportunity to engage with their guests on a more personal level, to better understand their target audiences, and to increase their direct bookings.

Common Hotel Social Media Strategies to Consider

  • Create a presence on the most popular social networking sites. Hotel social media experts recommend that accommodation providers begin their social media campaigns by developing profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These are the most commonly used platforms amongst travelers.
  • Combine organic content with social media advertising campaigns. Many of the most popular social networking sites allow you to develop PPC ad campaigns that are targeted to a specific audience. This can help you increase your conversions and your direct bookings.

How Accommodation Providers Can Use Social Media to Encourage Return Visits

Social media is an easy way to engage with your guests and encourage them to return to your property for another stay. In fact, when your guests are engaged with your brand, they are nearly 40% more likely to return in the future. Here’s a few tactics you can use in order to increase subsequent bookings at your hotel:

  • Offer promotions exclusively on your social media pages that provide return guests with a discount on their stay.
  • Create a photo contest for previous guests to submit pictures from their last stay. The winner receives a discount on an upcoming stay at your property.
  • Provide guests with a promotional code if they leave a review on your Facebook page.

Your hotel social media marketing strategy should be a fluid entity that is constantly being evaluated and tweaked. Social networking sites change frequently, and consumers continue to transform the way that they use these powerful platforms in order to make decisions.

You should use the resources you have available to you in order to prioritize social media marketing and create a customized strategy for your hotel that ultimately encourages guests to book a room at your property for their next trip to your destination.

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