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What matters most to the business travellers who might stay at your small property

Business travellers don’t always reserve their stays for large, established hotels. Here’s how to make them happy when they come to stay at your B&B.

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5 key ingredients to a successful B&B loyalty scheme

Here are the five essential basic principles you need to apply at your B&B to get more guests on your rewards program and returning to your property.

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5 unfailing B&B email campaign rules to follow

Emails are one of the most reliable ways to engage potential customers and capture bookings for your B&B. Here are some tips for your campaign…

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What do guests really want to find at their B&B?

B&B guests have specific reasons for choosing a small property to stay at. Here’s what they really want and how you can help them.

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How to be a good people person and improve guest experience at your B&B

In a B&B you’re going to be working closely with your guests, i.e. other human beings, so it’s important you know how to get along with people. Here’s how you can be better at it.

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5 Customer Service Tips Your B&B Can Take From the Airline Industry

The airline industry goes to great lengths to make sure its customer service is as close to perfect as it can get. Here are the lessons your B&B can take away and apply every day.

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How To Remove The 5 Types Of Friction And Increase Direct Bookings

One of the biggest barriers to creating the direct relationships small hotels need is guest friction. Here’s what you can do to combat this.

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Words of Wisdom from Grove City Motel [B&B Superstar]

Grove City Motel was finding it hard to manage the day-to-day demands of running a small accommodation business until Little Hotelier made life much easier.

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How To Look Beyond Your Rooms To Drive Ancillary Hotel Revenue

Move beyond simply selling your rooms and maximise hotel revenue with these ancillary strategies.

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B&B management guidebook: 7 basic steps to start building a successful business

This FREE eBook will help all B&B or small accommodations operators build a great foundation for making it easier to attract and convert travellers into paying guests, offering specific knowledge and insight on the most important property management skills.

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The many benefits of capturing feedback from your guests

Feedback is one of the major ways to track the success of your property and to find new ways to improve. Here are the main benefits.

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The best ways to keep guests happy and entertained at your B&B

Return bookings and positive reviews are vital for the success of your business, so here are some tips on keeping your B&B guests happy and entertained.

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