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Benefits of connecting your PMS to a channel manager

Your PMS should be the lifeblood of your property, a place from which you can easily control all operations. This can only happen with the help of other systems such as a channel manager. Here are some benefits of integrating a channel manager with your PMS:

Two-way communication can occur between your PMS and booking channels such as, Priceline, and others, allowing for real-time updates of your property’s rates, availability, and reservations.

Booking cancellations can be processed instantly and room inventory can be updated automatically across all channels, so you never miss a sale.

Reduce the risk of double booking or overbooking, since inventory updates happen instantly.

List on more distribution channels at the same time, increasing your ability to attract all kinds of guests around the world

Key features to look for in a channel manager for your PMS

Choosing the right PMS and channel manager for your property typically depends on various factors such as product fit, tech budget, and more. To help property managers get started, consider these top 4 features of a PMS channel manager:

Ease of use: Does it focus on user-friendly technology?

Make sure your provider has features and functionality suited to small properties like yours. This will mean you aren’t paying for anything you don’t need and that you’ll be able to quickly learn and master the products.

Data security: Will your data and your customer data be kept safe?

While cloud technology is generally much safer than storing anything physically on paper or on hardware, you should still make sure your provider can provide assurances that your information will be encrypted and protected at all times.

Digital transformation: Will it make a difference to your life?

It should be clearly evident how much time and money you’ll save using the provider’s systems to manage your property. Watch demos, read reviews, and take a free trial to see for yourself before making a final decision.

Return on investment: Is it worth the price you’re paying for?

If you find yourself frustrated by how long admin takes, the hassle of fragmented data, the annoyance of double bookings, or a lack of occupancy then moving your business to cloud tech is often the best solution. In most cases the time you save and the extra revenue you can drive means the software pays for itself year-in, year-out.

Why choose Little Hotelier’s PMS and channel manager?

Trusted by more small independent properties globally than any other provider

Superior coverage with more than 400 connected booking channels

User-friendly features and interface designed specifically for small property operators

Double-bookings a thing of the past with pooled inventory

Frequently asked questions about PMS channel managers

What is PMS channel manager?

PMS channel manager is a term in the hospitality industry which actually refers to a channel manager that connects to a PMS. It is used by small accommodation providers such as independent hoteliers, vacation rental managers, and B&B owner-operators to easily manage bookings across different distribution channels such as Agoda and Airbnb, among others. 

What does a PMS channel manager do?

A PMS channel manager allows you to automatically update rates and availability on your PMS and all your booking channels in real-time. Keeping up with your hotel or vacation rental listings on, Travelocity, and other similar sites can be confusing because each of them has its own calendar and booking system. What a channel manager does is enable you to manage your bookings from one central platform and prevent double bookings, which can be a headache for everyone involved. Little Hotelier’s channel manager can help you keep track of payments, manage your guest list, and even automate tasks like sending out booking confirmations and reminder emails. This makes it much easier to keep everything organised and running smoothly.

What is the difference between PMS and channel manager?

A property management system (PMS) is a software that essentially serves as the “brain” of your property, helping you manage day-to-day operations such as room assignments, guest check-ins and check-outs, billing, and more, while a channel manager is a platform focused on helping you manage your bookings across multiple online channels like, Traveloka, and many others. Both tools are important for running a successful hotel or vacation rental business, and they should work together to help you streamline your operations and maximise your bookings.

Why should a PMS have a channel manager?

A PMS should have a channel manager because it can help you reach a wider audience of potential guests which means you can fill more rooms and earn more revenue, without having to spend a lot of time and effort on marketing. You will also be able to eliminate the need to manually update and distribute your inventory on each individual channel you sell your rooms on, spending less time on administrative tasks and more time on providing great service to your guests. Property managers can manage guest preferences and requests with Little Hotelier, providing a personalised experience that will make guests feel valued which can lead to positive reviews, repeat bookings, and more referrals.

How can I connect a PMS to an OTA?

Connecting a PMS to an online travel agent (OTA) can sound complicated, but with Little Hotelier, it’s actually straightforward and easy. Once you’ve set up your property which you can do by yourself in under 30 minutes, connect it to the OTAs you want to use. Next, simply select the channels you want to connect to from a list and follow the prompts to authorise the connection. Little Hotelier will automatically sync your availability and rates across all of the channels you’ve connected to, especially when a guest makes a booking on one of the OTAs. With a user-friendly interface and built-in channel manager, you can make it easier to manage your bookings and increase your revenue. Start your 30-day free trial today!

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