Why images are key to your B&B’s online bookings success

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Your B&B website is an extension of your physical property. In fact, it’s one of the most important facets of your business. Through your website, potential travelers are able to explore your property, learn more about your amenities and read reviews from previous guests. While travel industry experts are always emphasizing the importance of online reviews, you need to remember that your B&B bookings are also highly influenced by the images on your website as well.

3 Reasons Why Images are Key to Driving B&B Bookings

1. Your images allow you to tell the story of your property on your B&B website

Most B&Bs have a great story behind them. Whether you redeveloped a historic building into a B&B or you are a third-generation innkeeper running the B&B that your grandparents established, your story will help bring an influx of guests to your front door.

By using images to showcase your story, you will provide your website visitors with a compelling narrative that offers more insight into their overall experience. Travelers often choose B&Bs because these accommodations offer an authentic and unique experience.

Make sure that your B&B images help you share your story in a way that is both interesting and inviting.

2. B&B images help you attract your target market segment

Depending on your property type and your destination, you’ve probably noticed a specific type of guest typically books rooms at your B&B. This is your target market segment, and you can use images to better promote your property to these groups of people.

For example, if you are targeting millennial travelers who love to immerse themselves in the local culture of their destination, you should incorporate images into your website of visitors aged in their 20s and 30s enjoying your property. The pictures that you add to your photo gallery and the ones that you post to social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram will play a large role in the types of guests that you attract.

3. Traveling is an emotional experience, and images can stir up the feelings that motivate travelers to book a room at your B&B

Seeing an image of a couple lounging on your front porch with a glass of wine in hand will make your guests feel a sense of longing for that moment of peace and relaxation. This image shows them exactly what they can expect when they arrive at your B&B.

Use powerful images that are designed to stir up those emotions of longing that leave your potential guests yearning for a getaway. These emotions are going to be the driving force behind their bookings, so use these visual tools to your advantage as often as possible.

High-resolution photographs that show people enjoying your property are going to be the most effective images to incorporate into your B&B website. These provide travelers with the visual proof that they need to know that they are going to enjoy their stay at your location.

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