What Your B&B Needs To Meet The Digital Expectations Of Guests

B&B owner working to meet guests expectations

Today’s travelers are a tech-savvy bunch. Not only will they arrive at your B&B with their favorite gadgets and mobile devices, but they also will be relying on that same technology to book their stay prior to their arrival.

Your guests are going to have high expectations of your site speed and reliability during their online booking journey. Your B&B digital technology needs to meet these demands. This is how to do it:

Collect Data To Generate Consistency

You need to use your online booking software to collect valuable data about the guests who will stay at your property and the preferences that they have. By collecting and analyzing this data, you can better understand the people who prefer to book with you, the travel season during which they book most often, and the types of activities that they enjoy while staying in your destination. Use the data that you collect to deliver a consistent guest experience. This will help drive repeat bookings and referrals.

Use B&B Digital Technology To Personalize The Experience

Guests who stay at B&Bs are often looking for an authentic experience and want to connect with you as the innkeeper and other locals in the area. Through your online booking software and your presence on social media, you can find unique ways to personalize the guest experience at your property. When someone books with you, check out their Facebook profile to learn more about their likes and dislikes. Add elements to their room prior to their stay to reflect their preferences, such as a travel guide in their native language or a book they can borrow written by their favorite author.

These touches stick with guests long after they have checked-out from your B&B.

Recognize The Need For Speed

When it comes to B&B digital technology, site speed is everything. You literally only have two seconds or less to capture the attention of your target audience, or else they will have moved on to the next website. According to Travolution, 53% of site visitors will abandon a travel website if it takes more than three seconds to load. Your website needs to be as fast as possible to generate direct bookings from your guests.

Solicit Feedback From Your Target Market Segment

To learn how to move forward and improve the digital experience for your guests, you need to solicit feedback from those who have booked with you in the past. Encourage online reviews, and send out surveys after guests return home. Once you have received the feedback, implement necessary changes to make the desired improvements.

You should strive not only to meet the digital expectations of your guests, but also exceed them. Let them be impressed by your cutting edge technology and features that are present on your website, your social platforms and even within the property itself.

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