Social Media FAQs: Essential Facebook Tips For B&Bs

Answering your questions about social media marketing with Facebook tips for small hotels

Just because you’re a small hotel or bed and breakfast, doesn’t mean you can’t have a big presence on the web.

The more active you are online, the more engagement you’ll receive and worrying about bookings and occupancy will be a thing of the past.

One of the avenues to achieve this is via social media and more specifically Facebook, which is still the top dog when it comes to social channels. The platform has many features, new and old, that can help a hotel gain followers, increase engagement, boost bookings, improve reviews, and ultimately raise revenue.

So what are the most important things you need to know about Facebook?

Five Important Facebook FAQs

1. How does Facebook help increase the visibility and awareness of my brand?

As of December 2016 Facebook had 1.86 billion monthly active users, meaning the potential to reach travelers and guests is massive. Even if you only have 25 page likes, this has no bearing on your ability to target a particular market segment because you can always advertise or boost your audience. Facebook is a place for inspiration and sharing that can connect users across the globe at the click of a button. People won’t have to search for anything to discover your page. You or someone else will likely put it in front of them.

2. Why is Facebook an effective marketing tool for small hotels?

Because Facebook is such an energetic and sharing-based platform, it’s very easy for people to engage with what you do. Small things can often travel a long way. Even a quick glance at your newsfeed will uncover a cat video that has been viewed millions of times, a meme that is spreading like wildfire, or a heartfelt status update from an everyday user that is being propelled across the world. With the right message and the right content, you can attract the eyes of a huge audience, many of whom will be potential customers.

3. How can Facebook be used to sell my rooms and get bookings?

You can advertise rates and deals, share stories, post inspiration, highlight amazing images, host events, and run competitions on Facebook. All of these activities can provide the incentive a traveler needs to book with you and you can get real traction with these initiatives, as opposed to the more static environment of your website.

4. What features on Facebook can I use in my business strategy?

On your Facebook page you can set up numerous tabs for your business and the more information you fill it in with, the better. Essentially, Facebook can become a second, more powerful website for your hotel or B&B. Facebook has many features for travelers that hotels can also utilize:

  • Events
    Users can browse through invites they have received, events that have been created by pages that they like, and even search through public events using filters. Hotels can use the app in order to launch their own events and promote them to their target audience. They can also use the app in order to learn more about upcoming events in the area that may draw visitors to their destination.
  • Recommendations
    When someone asks a question, the recommendations feature becomes available. Users can respond and their response is automatically mapped for the original poster, giving them the information that they need at-a-glance, while also providing others with a useful tool to refer to. Recommendations will allow hoteliers to better monitor the feedback that they receive from guests. In addition, it gives them access to a potential pool of guests who may not have otherwise known about their brand.
  • City guides
    The new Facebook feature culls together personalized recommendations for travelers, based on where locals go and where their friends have previously visited. Facebook will pull out pertinent information such as reviews, enable bookings, and link to business Facebook pages. Hotels can benefit from this by having a fleshed-out and up-to-date page, and by their managing online reviews so they’re more likely to catch the eye of guests.
  • Facebook live and 360
    Users have an insatiable need for more interactive content so live videos where viewers cans ask questions or 360 degree photos are very popular.

5. What should be the main focus of my B&B’s Facebook page and why?

First and foremost, you should look to differentiate yourself from competitors. Putting a unique spin on your Facebook page will have travelers anticipating a memorable experience and entice them to book. This might mean you post a lot of high-quality or quirky photos, give video tours of your property, or share funny travel related content. Anything that people are likely to engage with and share to friends is what you want to be broadcasting.

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