New Facebook Feature A Boon For B&Bs

B&B owner uploads a video as new Facebook cover photo

Facebook is constantly launching new features designed to improve the user experience and to allow businesses to better reach their target market. The latest feature is practically tailor-made for B&B operators, specifically those who are interested in video marketing.

Recently, Facebook began allowing users to create videos for their timeline cover rather than just adding a still photograph. It’s an innovative feature that you will want to consider using on your own B&B Facebook page.

What You Need to Know About The Facebook Cover Video Feature

The Facebook Cover Video feature was first rolled out in the spring of 2017, and is not yet available to all users yet. However, as with most new features on the social networking site, all people and pages will have access to it eventually.

Cover videos can be between 20 and 90 seconds long. They should not rely on their sound, as the video is preset to be muted. Users have to manually turn on the volume on the video in order to hear any background noise, dialogue, or music.

The ideal dimension is 820 x 312 pixels, which will take some getting used to for many video marketing professionals in the accommodation industry.

How Can It Benefit Your B&B Social Media Strategy?

This new Facebook feature is perfect for anyone in the travel industry, particularly those who own and operate a B&B. Video marketing is powerful when it comes to motivating travelers to book with a particular B&B, as it offers visual proof of the experience that they will enjoy.
The placement of the cover video — at the top of the timeline — is an easy way to draw attention to the feature. You can use the Facebook cover video to prominently display the most important element of your B&B, such as the fountain in your garden or the fresh tray of cookies being placed on your check-in desk.

The opportunities are limitless, and it allows you to increase engagement and interest in your brand.

Other Video Marketing Techniques to Consider

Of course, the Facebook cover video is only the latest video marketing technique that should be part of your B&B social media plan. Here’s a few other video marketing techniques to consider:

  • Live video

Yet another recent Facebook feature that includes video is Facebook Live. This feature allows you to go live, and stream real-time events at your B&B. Go live when there’s a local musician playing in your dining room, or offer a live glimpse into the process of creating your latest homemade dessert.

  • Video stories

Social users love video, and video stories allow them to learn more about your property. Create stories that are personal and inviting, and post them as often as possible on your social pages.

Your B&B social media strategy needs to be a fluid entity that is constantly evaluated and updated. Social media trends change quickly, as do the preferences of social media users.
By recognizing the importance of video marketing and taking advantage of new features when they are launched, you will be able to stay relevant and useful on all of the most powerful social networking platforms.

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