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How To Use Facebook’s New Features To Your B&B’s Advantage

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It seems that social media giant Facebook always has something new coming through the pipeline.

The latest round of features have the potential to directly impact businesses within the travel and tourism industry, including small hotels and B&Bs.

The features are targeted at general users who are looking for ways to enhance and improve everyday life, and it’s important that hoteliers take advantage of these features as quickly as possible.

New Facebook Features: Events and Recommendations

The Events feature is nothing new to Facebook. Nearly since the creation of the massive social networking platform, users have been able to create events and share them with their friends.

However, Facebook recently announced an Events app that streamlines the process for locating and responding to Events on Facebook. Through the app, users can browse through invites they have received, events that have been created by pages that they like, and even search through public events using filters.

The Recommendations feature is another recent addition to the Facebook portal. Users have long turned to their Facebook friends for information on local businesses and contractors. Now, when someone asks if anyone knows of a good baker or a reliable veterinarian, the Recommendations feature becomes available.

Through this feature, users can respond and their response is automatically mapped for them. This gives the original poster the information that they need at-a-glance, while also providing others with a useful tool to refer to.

How Can Your Small Hotel Use These Features To Your Advantage?

  • Facebook Events
    Hotels can use the new Events app in a variety of ways. First, hotels can use the app in order to launch their own events and promote them to their target audience. This is the best way to remain visible to the people who are most interested in attending events at your hotel.
    In addition, hotels also should consider using the Events app in order to learn more about upcoming events in the area that may draw visitors to their destination. For example, if a hotel learns through the Events app that a major conference is going to be hosted in their city, they can begin to create promotional campaigns targeted at the market segment most likely to attend the conference.
  • Facebook Recommendations
    Recommendations will allow hoteliers to better monitor the feedback that they receive from guests. In addition, it gives them access to a potential pool of guests who may not have otherwise known about their brand.
    By installing an online booking engine that is compatible with social media platforms, they can allow guests to book directly on their Facebook page. This also will increase user engagement with their brand while simultaneously driving direct bookings.

The ever-changing features available on social media platforms highlights the importance of staying informed and involved with your hotel’s social media strategy.

This is a fluid strategy that should constantly be evaluated and updated, as this allows your brand to stay relevant on every platform.

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